Who I am and what I can do for you!

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I’m Carla, a Mankato, Minnesota film, and digital photographer. My goal is to have fun with all my clients and provide them with memories and prints they love and will be with them forever. I’ve got a darkroom in my basement and I develop my own film. (Lifelong dream fulfilled!)

I work in the Mankato area and love to travel. I love the Minnesota River valley and its beautiful bluffs. I love photographing in and around our beautiful cities and the people who call them home. I’ve lived in Mankato since I was a small child. I first picked up a fully manual SLR in high school and had a blast taking photos and developing film and printing photographic prints. Now I develop film and pixels to create lasting memories for my clients.

I use professional equipment, I have redundant file backups and I’m covered by liability insurance. I work with graphic designers, magazine editors, product reviewers and social media influencers. And most importantly people just like you who want great photos.

Things to know about me:

  • I have enough awkward for everyone
  • My favorite swear word is shit
  • I shoot Nikon digitally and anything that works for film cameras
  • People in mascot costumes scare the hell out of me
  • I wonder where Clifford the Big Red Dog poops on Birdwell Island
  • I want to grow up to be the lady with the yard full of plants and shrubs

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