I feel totally different this year compared to last year. Not sure why. Maybe it has to do with the toddler around the house instead of the small infant. But boy I could really care less if it’s January 2008 or not. (Well besides the obvious schedule stuff.)

The week before Christmas was not kinds to us. First T threw up Friday night- Saturday morning, then I puked Sunday afternoon, then J Sunday- night Monday morning, then S Monday afternoon. And after we’d thoroughly cleansed our bowels we got hit with the famous three week cold. My voice is still funny. The boys loved their toys and had fun opening gifts on five different occasions.

This year we are hoping to take our pop-up out to the black hills and go camping with the boys plus more camping around here too. I would love to travel more and hopefully there will be less screaming in the van when we do. We are also going to be building a new garage and tearing down our old one due to the street construction that was mostly completed this fall. I need to finish up organizing our files and getting things on more of a rhythm here. But all and all it looks like this will be an interesting year.

I have really gotten back into the knitting thing too and want to do more knitting get togethers. The LYS here has some classes that I want to take and some fun theme nights too.