As part of my “job” I have to make phone calls to people under the age of 25. And usually when I call I get their voicemail. Which is fine I’d rather talk to a machine most of the time. For the most part I get the “this is blah leave me a message” type messages. But once in a while I will get the idiot who thinks that everyone wants to listen to the newest rapper mentioning how much money he has and how many women want him. I really don’t appreciate it. I’m sitting here wasting away my life listening to crappy music. I’m pretty sure the grammys don’t have a most used on voicemail catagory. Oh and another thing about voicemail why do the uptight sounding women always have to tell us to hang up after leaving a message. I’m pretty sure anyone making a phone call knows to hang up when they are done. Heck my two year old hangs up before he is done, but that’s a different post. Seriously do we need someone wasting our phone minutes telling us to hang up when we are done. Are we all that stupid? Maybe sometime I’ll get a voicemail of someone after they’ve told me the pertenant info, asking someone in the room with them what do they do next.