Time flys

A year ago I was sitting in the bed “recovering” from the birth of T I was eating my breakfast they brought me and talking on the phone calling people to tell them the news. T was being bathed by the wonderful nurse I had and Steve and just gone home to do some recovering of his own. J was with my Mom at my parents house and would come to see Mommy and brother later in the day with Daddy.

The change from one to two was tough, both in a the logistical sense and the toll it would take on me emotionally. But things are going smoother now that Mamma has a little Zoloft.

T’s birth story.

Sunday morning we stayed home from church because S wanted to sleep in. So I was feeling a bit cooped up because I hadn’t left the house on Saturday either. So S took J and I out shopping for a few things, we stopped by my parents to drop off some fabric and told my mom everything was quiet still. (We had run into her while shopping.) The rest of the day was pretty dull. Made frozen pizza for J and Greek wraps for S and I. So I had a pretty big dinner. Put J to sleep and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Around 10:30-11:00 I woke up to some contractions that were a bit more painful then usual. Got up went to the bathroom, drank some water and went downstairs to see what S was doing but didn’t mention the contractions. I went back upstairs to our bedroom and brought the phone with so I could intercom S if things got more intense. And they did, so he came up and timed contractions for about 40 minutes and they were about 10 minutes apart. So I got up and walked around and they immediately got closer together and I had to focus through them. We called my mom about 12:30 and she came over and we left for the hospital at 1:00. In the truck I had three contractions in the 10 minutes or so that it took to get there. We get into the ER and I sit down and S goes to check us in and the lady there would not get off the phone. I was about to yell something about being in labor and having a baby, but she hung up before I could get too hormonal. Got all set up in the L&D Room and the nurse checked me and I was at a 4. We gave her our birth plan and she went over it with the Dr. on call Dr. Goerish, who was ok with me not even having an IV access in since my water hadn’t broke yet. Our doula K got there about 1:30. We decided to try and walk the hallway and see if that would help things along. I barely made it to the intersection in the halls when I wanted to go back. Contractions were coming way to close together for me to handle, about one every minute or less. So we went back to the room so I could sit on a ball. I kept trying to really zone out and save my energy, I really didn’t want to labor all night long. Around 2:00 the student nurse who was shadowing me came. Stayed on the ball for about another hour and then decided to lie down in bed. At 4:00 I was a 6 and at 0 station with a bulging bag. I switched sides while lying down and could tell I was in transition because I was starting to feel unsure of if I could have the baby. The nurse checked me again at quarter after five and I was 9-ish, completely effaced and I was starting to feel pushy. The next 45 minutes where the hardest part because I really had to work hard not to bare down I was getting really cranky and wanted to push. At 5:58 during a contraction my water broke, it literally made a popping noise like a water balloon. I would not have wanted that to happen while I was out shopping. It felt really good to have the some of the pressure gone. After having taken the wet sheets and blankets off of me the nurse saw that the baby’s head was crowning. Steve said it looked like about half of his head was out. I really didn’t notice any pressure at all. A couple of contractions later Dr. Goerish came running in. She was really good about helping stretch me and making sure I didn’t get another episiotomy. I pushed four times and T was born at 6:06. He did have his cord around his neck once, but Dr. Goerish waited until the cord stopped pulsing before clamping it. She put him right up on my tummy and I was shocked at how big he was. I thought his brother was big at 8.5 lbs. Dr. Goerish said I had two small tears, one stopped bleeding and didn’t need stitching and the other just needed one. I did have some abrasions along my old incision. I can so tell the difference with just a tear, it doesn’t feel like my hips are spreading this time. The nurse took him off his tummy because his breathing was a little stuttery and to check his vitals. They brought the scale in and every one was surprised at his weight, 9lbs 12.2 oz and 22.5 inches long. He had apgar scores of 8 and 9. His heart was a little fast and his breathing was a little stuttery still so they took him to the nursery. I had a lactation nurse as my post-partum nurse so she made sure they brought him right back to me. Which was so cool. Once he was back, he nursed great. He did have to have his blood sugar monitored for the day but it stayed above 40 for all the checks except one. I only had to do one syringe feeding because he was so sleepy. All in all I am very pleased with this birth.