This is good, there’s more!

C.  mmmm steak

L.  nice! 🙂

G.  mmmmmmmmmm big t-bone

D.  steaks very,very hard for a person to digest! and it can sit in the part of the stomch for a while like other foods so if you get stomach aches,try acidolhpilus and a digestive enzyme,especially people that have no gall bladder.D. makes me take them with certain meals,even lettuce.

C.  OMG!

S.  (Town) is the bomb.

C. w00t!

S. I haven’t had red meat for over three years and I still dream about Big Macs, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the Big and Tasty and Whoppers. Mmmm.

C. Well I wouldn’t want it to get stuck so that’s a good thing

S. Get stuck? In my gut? Say WHAT?

C. Doncha Know!

D. ha ha just like “bread does,its “dough” why do so many people have gut problems? it is hard to get that “ball” of dough digested! sorry,its possible most of time its parasites! just take coconut oil and cook with it ar its called Teeth pulling and rub coconut (hard pressed) and rub it in between and swish for like 20 minutes and then spit it out. should be nasty whtiish.It pulls nasty stuff from the body as parasites hate Coconut!thats why i add it to most of my foods!cinnamon is a good blood sugar regulator for diabetics!If you feel really ishy it means that you have most likely “bugs” in your gut and 85 percent do!Dont ask a mental Dr as they dont know crap bout it.They just like to give drugs?Is that why mom had parasites 2 times while in nursing home?They told me we dont live in a “3rd world countrat (place) hospital! ,and i had them amost to brain when my drs found them in my system severe!