Tell me about it!

You know that little gnome everyone has in their house that hides the car keys, glasses and cell phones? It’s not really a gnome it’s toddlers. Cranky beings you will hand anything over to just to get them to stop bitting your knees. Oh look here’s a set of jingly keys for you to play with. Next thing you know it’s time to leave the house before you lose you mind from staring at the same walls you’ve been looking at since you were eight. (That’s 17.5 years subtracting the time lived elsewhere as an adult.) And you can’t find the oh so jingly keys you gave the tantrum gods. Or, or the shiney cell phone that beeps and lights up will now only dial 7 and thats if you can actually use it to make a call after finding by listening to the low battery beep. (BEEEP “What was that?” “Oh that’s just the phone dialing 7 because it’s been sucked on” “I see.”)

Do you ever get the feeling your going nuts. Not really nuts, but nuts like they prortray in the movies. Strange noises that aren’t there. Weird things going through you head, trying to convince yourself your not really going crazy. Am I the only one who hears the phone ringing while rocking in the recliner? Only to stop and listen and it’s not ringing. I hate that! Are you talking to me while I run the water for the dishes? (Which I REALLY need to do by the way.)