Something’s in the water.

I am now proud (well sort of) to announce that there will be another crankenpants in the family on or around the middle of October. Maybe I will have the baby on my sister’s birthday. The actual due date is Friday the Thirteenth. Whoo hoo. Just like my sister’s due date is 6-6-06 kinda creepy don’t ya think. So any way this makes me one of five other friends or relatives that are pregnant right now. So yeah don’t be drinking the water in my area for awhile.

On other news J had his first stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to run away. Marathon nursing and no eating and very little drinking for a week. And once the poopies stopped the screaming started. Almost nonstop for a week. We’ve implemented a nursing schedule and that has helped so much. Now along with a molar in he’s back to normal.
We get daily baby jargon speeches. It’s like having a politition in the house. And he’s back to helping with things and insisting we take our dirty dishes to the kitchen. And we get to take many walks around the dinning room table. He has also taken to S more. S can barely get in the door and J is all over him. S can’t even go to the bathroom alone. Hahahaha welcome to my world. I have no sympathy. Really none. At all. Not even a little.

I have had to watch my mood lately unfortunately. It’s hard to tell if it’s the hormones or if it’s me or the damn weather. Stupid snow. I have an intense fear of the phone and the answering machine. I hate that it blinks at me how many messages I need to listen to. What if I don’t want to hear from anybody. If you leave a message on my machine I find you somewhat irritating. So don’t. Sorry I can’t handle it. But it will build character, blah blah blah blah. Um yeah I still don’t what to. Character building from listening to incomprehensible messages is not what I’m looking for right now. Maybe a character building from figuring out how to spend lottery winnings. But since I don’t buy them S can and I will help with the figuring. Does that count?

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  1. Congratulations!! Try to get some sleep. And eat something. It might help with the crankies. Then again, it might not.

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