Pull it together

Do you ever have a project you really want to get done and have fun and play with but no matter how many times you run to the store it never works out? I’ve been trying to get the DIY planner going but just for the life of me can’t get it right. I down loaded the 4up version of the PDA Hipster thinking I would just cut it up but no that was all wrong. So then I went out and bought what I thought was 3×5 index cards that turned out to be unlined 3×5 note paper. ARGH! As if going to the office supply store isn’t irritating enough with two kids I have to do it again. And it’s not like I NEED a new planner the one I have right now I’m not even utilizing to it’s full potential. But I love office supplies for some reason, back to school time makes me want to drool. What is up with me? Anyhoo I am interested in using the DIY planner because I can put what I want into it and it will hopefull work for me without any extra parts that I’m not going to even use. But I guess the universe is against me for that. And by universe I mean my computer and my sloppy shopping skills.