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Photographic Light Study – Diffused Light

Mankato Diffused Light Photography

Clickin Moms Forum Photographic Light Study

Over on the Clickin Mom forum there is a photographic light study running. Since we are all cooped up in the house because of the cold, wind and snow at least we can take advantage of the diffused light coming into our windows.

I’m a bit lucky in that we have a sun room with windows on three walls on the south-facing part of our house, so I get nice light all day long. For January the assignment is to use diffused light, the examples being posted by other members are beautiful with great light. It makes me¬†forget how miserable the weather is in my area. I wrangled two of the kiddos and got a couple of good shots. They are definitely photographer’s children because I got lots of whining to go play, poor things.

You can see on the photos below that there aren’t any hard lines across their faces as they are being cross lit from the windows. The clouds helped to make the light source very large and soft.

I’ve rearranged the sun room, again, so I can use it better for casual photos of the kiddos. Know of anyone who would like a couch? The next thing I’m going to try is to get a more deliberate and defined Rembrandt triangle on the face. Wish me luck.

Diffused Photographic Light
Playing Zoobs





Diffused Photographic Light
Soft window light.




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