New Year here I come!

I’m iching to get all this 2006 stuff over with and want to get on with it all. And yes I know I only have one more day to wait. But come on already, enough! It’s not going to help that there will be three days without mail. I love getting mail. I’m like the yellow tang in Finding Nemo. Anyhoo back to the new year stuff. I want to get back into some sewing and diaper making and such creativeness. Maybe even do some more knitting. My fingers are looking at doing more then mousing around the internet. We’ve got Steve’s birthday coming up, a vacation this summer, and yard work we want to do. I want ECFE to start and to take over librarian duties for LLL. The ONLY thing I’m not looking forward to is flippin’ CRPs that have to be done this next month. Stupid rentals.