My, it’s an explosition a posts today isn’t it.

I think I’m going to do something to help change my attitude around here. I’m going to “try” everyday and list things that make me happy and that I am grateful for. OOOh I know there’s not much that I do everyday, unless you count driving, changing diapers, nursing, more diapers, picking up kids, and brushing my teeth. Yeah that’s right somedays I don’t even get my hair brushed. Bad mommy bad! Well anywho back to the subject. Things that make me happy. Well today we took J mini golfing for the first time. Oh boy I wish I had the camcorder with I would want to make a video of all the shots J took. It was hilarious I could not stop giggling at the cuteness that was J holding a putter and chasing around a golf ball. Adorableness beyond words. J did really well too. He got the ball in the hole eventually on every hole.