My baby is getting so big.

Sniff sniff. T will be 9 months old on the 9th. He’s crawling already, almost pulling up and has his first tooth. He’s right in the middle of that wiggly squirmy can’t sit still while nursing stage (also known as how far will mama’s nipple stretch). He still isn’t sleeping through the night which is better then J deciding he didn’t want to sleep through the night anymore. He is also the most smiley baby always grinning and looking for things to grab. And he does have a great laugh kind of a squeaky giggle thing. He is a great eater too he just had turkey last night and ate the whole jar. He’s getting better at picking up food but still isn’t quite at the pincher grasp stage but does manage to get grapes and banana pieces in he mouth. We’ve moved him out of his infant seat and into J’s old convert-able seat in the van, he looks so small in it. He sits a bit more upright and can see out the window better.