Out with the bugs, MAD Girls coming soon…

I have a post to work on with the photos I took for the Mankato Area Derby Girls a couple of weeks ago that was a lot of fun. Watching the MAD Girls skate was a lot of work for my feet but I enjoyed it all. It was hard not to just stand and watch them skate around the flat track. They all had really great nick names and made me wonder what mine would be if I ever took up roller derby.

One of the MAD Girls team refs asked me if I wanted to shoot some more of the bouts in the future and I think it will be something that I can do as long as my schedule stays relatively free.

I’m working to set up all the behind the scenes things for this site and it is a bit time consuming. Now I know why web designers and graphic designers make the big bucks, they really deserve it that’s for sure. Hopefull all the work I’m doing beforehand will make everything easier in the future. All I know is right now I have passwords and usernames coming out my ears and hopefully they will make sense in the morning.


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