It’s your party

We are soon headed over to my parents for J’s first birthday party. Whoo Hoo!

Food family and presents. I hope it goes well. J has been in a mood the past few days and cried for no reason in the grocery store for the first time yesterday. He is normally a very good shopper. But he had to have that can of frosting yesterday. We had a couple of days of strange very outgoing J that was a joy to behold he went to complete strangers and didn’t care. But alas I think it was a breif respite between teeth coming in that was the reason for the good mood. Because Crankenpants is back. And he only takes an hour nap for the whole day.

J has also learned that the world is his to climb. He can get on top of my hope chest and he has figured out how to stand on top of his little chair he got from Grandma. He likes to try and put his leg over the back of the chair while standing. It very cute, yet scary to see. He also has his first hair cut on Wednesday. I did it all by myself and it looks pretty good I think. He look even more like his Daddy now. I have also found out that J can’t digest peas and tomatos. MMMMMM fun diaper changes.

The doctors appointment went well too. He is 20.4 lbs. 15% and 30in. 60% and everything looks good. Except his right eye. I mentioned that when he cries that his right eye turns out. We go to see the opthamologist on Tuesday.

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  1. My favorite undigested food to find in the washing machine was whole blueberries. They also stained the diapers. Such fun.

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