It’s what’s for dinner.

I love this recipe I made it up all by myself and make it several times a month. It’s not really that hard to figure it out but I’m not really a throw it all together without a plan type of cooker so this was new for me. And since J is handling dairy so much better now he really likes it too and S AKA I don’t like pasta, even has seconds. So with out further ado here it is.

Two or three cooked in olive oil and garlic cubed chicken breasts
Three cups of macaroni noodles
One cup of basil pesto
One cup of Parmesan cheese

After draining the pasta well add back into pot with chicken, pesto and cheese. Mix well and serve with a spinach leaf and vinaigrette salad. And don’t forget your favorite wine.

If you make this let me know how it goes or if you have any improvements. You could also leave the the chicken whole and place it on the pasta pesto and cheese mix. I just like things hot dish style.