Goals and Planning

It’s the middle of January already. That was fast! Even though I don’t like winter, I like January. There’s a little more light in the day, the mood of new beginnings is in the air and there’s organizing to do. I try to make improvements in my life in January just like everyone else. But this year I’m looking at ways of making changes stick. By focusing on systems rather than an end goal I hope to keep momentum going.

I learned the name of something that I find can happen to me if I get too vocal about any resolutions that I make. It’s called social reality, and for me it seems speaking about goals gives me the feeling of having done the work of completing the goals. So this year I’m going to be a bit more protective and I’m going to keep working on me and keep my mouth shut about it.

Now, I’m going to hunker down in my cozy bed on this cold night and do some more planning and organizing tomorrow.


Bison New Year Mankato

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