Getting to know me, a game of 20 Questions

I’m participating in a Getting-to-Know-You game of 20 Questions with Kris (With a K) from the With A K Writing Academy .  I’m excited to get to know my own blog-readers better & to find other bloggers to play with too. You know – friends who just get it. If you want to participate, you can too! Just go to check out Kris’s post about it here,  & get started.

1 – What’s a ridiculous nickname you’ve had?

I’ve never had a nickname, ever. My name is short enough I guess.

2 – Why do you write a blog? Have your reasons changed over time?

I’ve always liked writing, I did have a blog for kid stuff a long time ago. I want to be able to show my personality on my website and writing gives me a way to do that.

3 – Where do you like to be when you are writing?

I would like to be curled up somewhere writing with coffee and a candle and a cozy blanket, but for now I write at my desk, that way my feet don’t fall asleep.

4 – Peanut butter & __________.


5. What does your Writing Process look like?

I usually put a rough draft together free form and then I move things around and edit. With the help of bullet points or main thoughts, I get what I want to communicate in a vaguely coherent manner. I also run it through Hemingway to check for passive voice and do a grammar check.

6 – What keeps you up at night?

My brain, it likes to think all the things at four a.m. The usual self doubt, new ideas, worries about family, earworms from listening to the radio in the truck.

7 – What was your last online purchase? Did you hide it from anyone? (I see you, impulse buyers & shame shoppers.)

I bought a morphsuit for a Halloween costume.

8 – What do you honestly think of elastic waistbands?

Yes please! I keep threatening to buy pajama jeans to the horror of my family.

9 – What blogs or magazines do you love to read? Why?

I really don’t have any favorites that I have to read. I love checking in on Mental Floss.

10 – What is your favorite way to express your creativity?

I doodle on paper, or digitally with Illustrator. I love editing my photographs.

11 – DSLR or iPhone?


12 – How do you feel about the semicolon? Do you have any feelings about punctuation marks, in general? (it’s ok if you don’t)

I want to love the semicolon. I do love a good ellipsis…

13 – What is a skill you really want to learn?

I would love to take a watercolor or drawing class.

14 – Do you use a planner or journal to keep your life from derailing? What kind?

I use a Passion Planner. I love this planner and the personal review and mind mapping spaces. I ordered next year’s planner months ago.

15 – What does your dream Sunday look like?

My dream Sunday is sleeping in, warm cup of coffee, a little cleaning and work. Ending with a good dinner and a nice glass of wine.

16 – Do you have a full-time business or a side hustle?

I’m side hustling now.

17 – Coffee or tea?

Coffee, pour-over, with Hershey’s flavored creamer.

18 – What is your favorite outfit?

Comfy jeans, warm socks and a fuzzy sweater.

19 – What scares you?

Boats and water, falling to one’s doom. The usual call of the void stuff.

20 – Cats or Dogs?

All the cats.

Thanks for playing along!


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