Fingers on the keyboard,…what?

Sorry about all the links lately but it’s been a bit of a busy past few weeks. We have acquired a used pop-up camper from some friends of ours and have been busy with all that. And by we I mean Steve. He worked for a week straight cleaning the mouse pee and poop out of the “canvas” sides and then went and ordered new canvas thinking it would come  maybe in time for us to use it later in the season but it shows up the night before we leave on the camping trip. So we smelled like vinyl for the weekend. Which is better then smelling like mouse pee and getting wet.

So we’ve gone camping twice this summer and the first time it was grand. We stopped to see some friends in the cities and their baby girl Claire, who is a few weeks younger then Tristan.  We stayed the night at Chris and Cara’s and visited with them before they went off to church. Then spent the next torturous hours driving to Jay Cooke State park with the boys alternating who was going to cry more. Steve obtained the most remote campsite I think the place had and had me worrying about bear attacks for the rest of the evening. It was there that we took our standard Chipmunk picture.  (Yes it’s upside down I was laying on the picnic table bench.) One camper with a fifth wheel trailer thought it was appropriate to run his generator to power his TV until the rangers came around and told him to turn it off. We did lots of hiking and Josh had fun mimicking Steve about his knees hurting and needing to exercise. It was cute to hear him grunting along. Tristan on the other hand seemed to fall asleep in the Ergo and missed most of the cool views. Then we went to the strange Zoo in Duluth and sweat more then I have ever sweat before. Boy it was hot. So much for cool air off the lake. Some how we ended up getting a room at the water park hotel and “resort” and practically had to pry Josh off the walls to get him to even look at the water. He wanted nothing to do with water. I did take Tristan on the lazy river and he liked that even with the random splashes of water. They are so different.  Josh did have fun in the arcade and won over two hundred tickets. Then we traveled to Gooseberry State Park and after the boys were asleep we had a skunk run through the campsite, and he kept coming back. Steve and I stopped trying to keep it away around 11 and went to sleep in the tent and could hear it walking around outside. I was so freaked I wasn’t going to deal with screaming boys and skunk smell on the way home.  Now this past weekend we went camping with two other families that we know and it rained the ENTIRE Saturday. But we did have the camper and could use that and it was much better then have to tough it out in a tent.

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