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Photography and Videography May Have Sensible Drone Rules.

Professionals looking to use drones in their photography or videography businesses may have some sensible rules to follow according to this press release from the FAA. The proposed rules are open for public comment for 60 days at www.regulations.gov. There is mention splitting drones into two categories, small for under 50lbs and micro for under 4.4lbs.  Requirements in the proposed rules are daylight hour and line of sight flights and operators over the age of 17. The FAA is also collecting public comment for first person view or FPV use in operating a drone.

I have seen a few companies around Mankato already using drones for video and photography. There is also a good base of knowledgeable RC pilots in the area who fly model aircraft as a hobby.  My own husband has been an RC pilot for over twenty years and has the DJI Phantom on his wish list.

Having photographed some AMA sanctioned RC fly-ins I’m looking forward to seeing how the RC and photographic worlds continue to grow together.

Drone seen at Watts 2014




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