Day One

Day one on the GF diet. I had coffee and big glass of milk for breakfast. No more shredded wheat for me. I so need the fiber though maybe that will even out in this situation.  Went over to Mom’s and had rice noodle spaghetti, with cucumbers for lunch. I wanted to look at her info as I can’t get into the dietitian until next month.  We went to Hyvee and Walmart just to see what is around here, major spending on food will have to wait until the weekend.  I’m running the gamut of emotions, I think the thing that depresses me the most is the money I was spending on stocking up food that I can’t eat now.  Still things are up in the air until the boys are tested to see if we can feed them the stocked up food. Until the tests are done I will continue to feed them gluten food so blood tests would be accurate. Still waiting to talk to Steve.