Cha cha cha changes

I might get a new house. IF things fall into place and IF I can stand the next two years of rental stuff. So to help myself remember why a new house would be great, I’ve decided to list all the reasons I hate my current one.

1. I’ve lived here for almost 18 years. I need something of my own that I pick out.
2. I have to go into the unheated basement to take a shower. I need more heat in the place where I bathe everyday.
3. This house is too conducive to having other people live with us. Of the five years we’ve lived here we’ve maybe had 6 months of it to ourselves at a time.
4. The kitchen needs to be bigger. Yes new cabinets will help but still it needs to be bigger.
5. Too many windows. On this one and half story house there are 25 windows. 25! And the view ain’t that great.
6. “Someone” and they know who they are, drywalled the hallway ceiling in the basement. So there is no way of fixing the creeky floor in the dining room from below. Thanks.
7. As beautiful as solid oak single paneled doors can look, they are loud. Loud to open, loud to close.
8. The hardware on said doors never quiet latches all the time and if they do they jiggle and the cat enjoys making noise with them.
9. You have to go through the kitchen to come in from the back door. Who thought that up.
10. The layout if wacked. The “master bedroom” shares a wall with the living room. So TV watching can’t be that loud at night.
11. There’s a window in the bathroom, over the tub. Why why why why why?
12. The backyard is unfence-able.
13. The garage needs to be hit by lightning.
14. The driveway is gravel.
15. The driveway is sloped and has walls.
16. The driveway turns into a marsh in the spring and fall.
17. The two oak trees in front are pushing up the front stairs and sidewalk to dangerous levels.
18. The two oak trees routinely push roots into the sewer line.
19. The upstairs ceiling doesn’t have enough space at the right height to be considered bedrooms.
20. The counter height in the kitchen can’t be raised because of a window.
21. The backyard has power lines running down the middle of it. Right where a play house would go.

Yes I know I should be happy that I have a house and grateful for the deal my parents gave us on it. And I am, but I struggle with wanting to be in a place where I’m happy and can do the things I want to, and being happy and content with where I am. But it’s turning to things everyday that bother me. Like just when J is going to start wanting a bike to ride, the street and sidewalk with be torn up for most of the year. Or how can you give the dog space to be in the yard and do his thing and have two kids playing out there too. Or the neighbors who won’t let you get your painting and raking done without talking your ears off about something you could care less about. Or the dog next door who because the father goes to work at 6:30 gets let out to bark away at the same time. Or the people two doors down you could swear are shooting .22s in their conveniently fenced yard. Or the boyfriend of the girl across the street, whose car he thinks should be on pimp your ride, drives up everyday, three or four time a day. Ok enough. But still if a vacation can change your life how much can living in a place you are happier with do for you?

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  1. I highly agree with you on every issue and I can attest, because I’ve spent some time in that house too. I even scraped the side of a car going down that treacherous driveway. Fingers crossed on the new house, dear.

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