no more puncuation for me

it seems that the only time i write on here is when we are sick. well i guess it’s a good thing to complain about. I’m only getting crappy sleep with J about to cut a molar and thinking that waking up every two hours is acceptable. thank goodness for pbs or i would never get any rest. we have canceled playgroup over here because some mammas and all of the babies are sick me included. I need to clean out my fridge and empty all the tupperware that has hairy things growing in them. i’m scared. BUT i am getting a new fridge tomorrow. i’m excited. it’s one with the freezer on the bottom and it has dual compressors so now i won’t have frozen carrots in the fridge. hey that’s a plus for anyone. and it gives me a kick in the but to clean the kitchen somewhat. if not for this cold i would be feeling a bit more hopefull about it. and i really need to do some laundry i’m surprised steve hasn’t been asking me to go shopping for more socks.