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A Photo Gift for Mother’s Day

I think I just figured out my Mother’s Day gift for this year. An awesome photo composite!

Twenty some years ago my parents moved into a house that had an old ladder in the garage. My dad, keeper of all the useful things, has kept all these years.  My mom used the ladder to paint most of the rooms in the house. I have elevated it to photo prop status.

The boys are wearing their Great-Grandfather’s Stetson hat. They’ve played with it this week and the idea for this photo popped into my head. I was going for a specific look and I’m pretty happy with it so far. I have a few spare photos to add to satisfy my need for weirdness. But I won’t use those for my gifts.

I did interrupt the boy’s video game playing time so hopefully I’ll get better expressions when I’m not taking them away from their fun next time. But this was a fun experiment.

Kids Photography in Mankato with a Ladder

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