25 things

1. I have a brown belt in Shotokan Karate. But haven’t trained in 11 or 12 years.
2. I don’t think I look like my sister. I look like my mother.
3. I am dealing with three sick kids right now.
4. I have discovered the joy of pesto. I think I was Italian in a past life.
5. If you tickle my feet I will do my best to kick you in the face. See #1
6. I often say I want to go out for breakfast to eat french toast but then order pancakes.
7. I don’t want my own french fries I only want one or two of yours.
8. I know a lot of random useless trivia/medical facts.
9. I love absurd humor.
10. I laugh when people fall.
11. Potty training 3 boys is going to kill me.
12. I would love to be a humor/comedy writer.
13. I am a knitting enthusiast.
14. I am a sympathy puker.
15. I have a fear of overflowing toilets but add to that things falling into open toilets.
16. I hate outdoor toilets and have “held it” for 16 hours in Mexico to avoid them.
17. I am not a dog person and was deluding myself that I ever was.
18. Kitties! I would love to own a bengal cat when the boys are older.
19. I wanna drive a Minni Cooper when I don’t have to worry about carseats.
20. I am consistently inconsistent.
21. I am afraid of people in mascot type costumes.
22. I wonder where Clifford the Big Red Dog poops on Birdwell Island.
23. I like to startle our cats.
24. I don’t like to open presents in front of people
25. As a kid I thought I could ride in the tour de france. (yeah I know)