10 reasons why I hate my dog.


The hair. It’s everywhere. Granted my vacuum cleaner is a novelty for my 2 year old but still, does it have to get everywhere.


Strange places. The dog can be found in strange places, like curled up in a freshly used shower stall.


Feet. He knows how to step on feet. But only if it’s muddy out and you have clean socks on.


He’s nervous. He’s like a panic attack on four legs.


He digs in the garbage. And not just when he’s been left alone all day, when I’m outside for 10 minutes too.


He pukes more often then a cat. Usually from said garbage eating.


My flower bed has a huge crater in it. Nuff said.


Did I mention hair?


The bitting thing.


The guilt I would have if I gave him away.

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  1. I feel the same exact way…it’s almost a relief to know that I’m not alone with this feeling day after day also knowing that it will not just go away

  2. ugh, My dog sheds a lot too, I would love to pawn him off to someone else for a few hundred dollars but DH loves him way too much, He is a very high energy dog, and the fact that I am in college and my dear husband is a soldier. we never have time for him, and I refuse to leave him at home all day and he hates being at doggy daycare he bites the fence and cries, but my husband does not want to get rid of him, granted I do still love him when he is affectionate, and when he doesn;t bite me…lol or chase the cat, or eat expensive elctronic grown up toys like the xbox 360 controller or my 50 dollar victoria secret bra, not to mention that was the only one I had ever had, as well as a new pair of gym pants…lol when we had a friend watch him he attacked their very sweet affectionate pitbull while it was ASLEEP!!! for goodness sake, that is like a white girl going and messing with a gangster with a gun, my dog is idiotic and the only thing on his mind ever is using every drop of his energy, even if it means not eating, he will ignore his food if he is distracted, so I do not hate him…but I would not mind having a less crazy dog!!

  3. I really want to get rid of my dog bet my kids lover her! She is 10 or 11 and was raised by my sister and her dumbass husband! I rescued her becase they couldn’t take care of her anymore. So she has lots of baggage – she doesn’t know how to take a walk like a normal dog, she has allergies and gets ear infections ALL the time and she’s a butthole surfer (she scoots her ass all over all my rugs) GROSS! She is allergic to animal protein (A dog that can’t eat meat – what the heck is that!) She eats vegatarian dog food which costs more $$) She’s just another thing I have to take care of! I have found since having her I am not really a dog person!

  4. We got rid of our hated dog this weekend…couldn’t be happier. The small amount of guilt we felt was easily overshadowed by the relief of having a brand new, dog-free life ahead of us. Like Christy, I was a dog person until I actually had one. Ours was smart, as well. We trained her to voice as well as hand signals, had “down, stay” learned to a T. Dog would fetch, catch frisbees in the air, swim in the lake, everything a “fun dog” does. The only problem was ALL THE PROBLEMS. She would bite us for no reason, just to try to assert dominance. It was this mean, nasty little pinch she would do with her teeth on the tender part of your arm or neck. Infuriating. She would bark for no reason, just attention. She would wake us up in the middle of the night, barking in her crate. Chewing? OMG, this dog had more chew toys than I can count. We spent actual planned “pack time” with this demon just trying to socialize her. We also Netflicked the entire Dog Whisperer DVD series and tried to learn everything we could. Walks? Did’em. Jogs? Did that too. Rides in the car? Always restrained. Kennel trained? You betcha. House trained? Of course. However, she STILL had dominance issues, was HYPER all the time, pee’d all over herself and everyone else whenever she met anyone new, would NOT calm down in public, no matter how often I tried to socialize her, and would bite/chew anything she could sneak her teeth onto. Oh yeah, she was sneaky too. We just feel fortunate to have this episode of our lives over with, and our furniture is still miraculously intact. I’ll never have a dog again. In fact, when I saw a woman walking her dog today, I felt pity for the poor lady.


      1. Paula, I hate to break it to you, but children aren’t dogs. My children are angels. I have three teenagers who are a pleasure to spend time with. I also had one wonderful yellow lab who died of cancer after I treated him for as long as he could stand it to the tune of $8000.00, but he died in August of 06. Our other yellow lab, who was 3 at the time, seemed to be mourning his beloved “brother” so we got another yellow lab puppy in March of 07. This is the dog you can read about below. The horrible dog who has not changed since Feb of 09 when I wrote that. He has cost us literally THOUSANDS of dollars. My kids are great, my other two dogs were and are great, this dog is just an asshole.

      2. I agree PAULA your the STUPID one!!!! Dogs are hairy assholes and the people who own them have good intentions until that asshole gets itchy. Some dogs like some people are unbearable! LIKE MINE!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Paula, you haven’t a clue. My children are well behaved, amazing funny, polite and clever. I also hate my dog. I simply cannot find anything endearing to like about the animal. Making sweeping statements about people and their situations that you know nothing about shows how shallow and narrowminded you are. How would you like it if someone commented on how your children must behave having such a narrowminded parent?
        i expect you would hit caps lock and rant again.

      4. Some dogs don’t train. The breed standard for Italian Greyhounds is “difficult to impossible to housetrain”. That is not the owners fault. It’s just the way the dog IS.

    2. I’m in the same situation. How long did you have your dog for? I want to feel that relief….help… I dont want to keep a dog out of guilt.

  5. I hate my dog. He’s a purebred yellow Lab, the third one I’ve owned. The other two were great; this one sucks. He has cost me more money in his short life than my three teenage kids combined. He has a companion dog, my second yellow Lab, and he’s incredibly mean to him. He won’t let him eat, he bites him all the time, my older dog has scabs and cuts all over him. He barks incessantly, even tho we have an anti-bark collar that sprays him with Citronella every time he barks. He barks until it’s empty then jsut barks and barks and barks. He tore up my back yard, including the pipe that runs under the grass from the sump pump, so that my basement flooded. He chewed up the solar cover and the winter cover off my pool. He chewed up the edges of our trampoline, making it unusable. It was less than a year old. He ruined all the carpet in the lower oevel of the house so I had to have it pulled up and have hardwood floors installed. I have tried to train him, I really have. And I know how to train a dog. I’ve successfully trained two other dogs and they are (were) great. This dog is beyond hope. I hate him and I want to bring him to a shelter.

    1. Just keep trying its really hard but you should love your dog no matter wat he does! Trust me if you reward when he does something right he’ll want to do that again so he gets more love and MORE FOOD!! when he does some thing bad to the carpet like peeing on it make him sniff it then lock him in a kennel or even a little gated area for about 20 minutes even if he barks dont let him out stay in sight so he doesnt think you ran to the store or something then let him out and be calm he doesnt like it when you yell at them they will be sad and hurt!!!f he tares a carpet then give him a endlesss bone or one he can eat NEVER say u want to give him to the shelter!! Do u even know how many dogs r in the shelter my best friend has 3 dogs who all chew stuff and she has never even thought of giving them up Remeber love him no matter wat mabey he didnt know better!!!!

      1. That is a moronic statement; ‘you should love your dog no matter what he does’. If you boyfriend hits you should you still love him, no matter what he does? And yes, over three million animals are euthenized yearly in the US. There are just too damn many of them, and too many aren’t suited for adoption due to behavioral and health problems. If a dog is ruining your life have it put down and get one that won’t ruin your life. Or better yet don’t get one at all and have a GREAT life!

      2. Jesse…SHUT UP! Geez…all you idiots believe you have such brilliant wisdom. Gosh…just shut up.

  6. HELP ME!

    I have two dogs. I absolutely LOVE one, and I absolutely HATE the other. I have met a lot of dogs and rarely dislike them – but I have noticed a pattern. I don’t like little terriers. I love how smart they are but I really don’t like anything else about them. They have SO MUCH ATTITUDE and I HATE IT. The barking, growling, nipping, biting, chewing on other dogs/pets, killing small animals, it is SO ANNOYING. I hate dogs that are “mouthy.” I think they were bred for certain purposes and should be used for those purposes only, they are great for agility but I’m not into that. I wish I had never got one!!!!!!!!!! So stupid of me. I hate Rat terriers and Jack Russell Terriers – those 2 are the worst. I absolutely love big friendly dogs like labradors (except for the really dumb ones), Great Danes, and Newfoundlands. Great Danes are content laying around, being lazy, and they are very tolerant and easy going. I love them! Terriers are annoying attention hungry psychos. My little terrier (the dog I hate), I’ve had him for 1 year now and I still hate him passionately. Guilt and embarrassment are the only reasons why I still have him. I would NEVER get rid of my other dog (big mutt, definitely no terrier in him). Honestly I have nothing against terriers I just know now that I hate them and they are NOT my “type” of dog.

    So here’s the problem – I honestly wake up every day stressed out because of this annoying little dog – I exercise him, he’s very smart, sometimes very cute, but overall I just can’t stand him (and he was a good boy today so I’m NOT in a biased/emotional/irrational mood right now). He actually is very happy with us because we exercise him so much – BUT I HATE HIM. Honestly I have intentionally tried to “lose” him on numerous occasions (letting him loose outside with a collar), and even tried to get someone to shoot him once (too bad they thought I was kidding). I don’t hurt him but I do “hit” him all the time because I get so frustrated with him, I kick him sometimes too (though like I said I don’t actually hurt him, I’m just not very nice to him sometimes). He has been well socialized and is really an excellent dog but just not the right dog for me. He is SO smart and I’ve taught him so much but I just really could care less if he died or got lost.

    This brings me to my question – if I hate my dog this much, even though I think he’s VERY happy with us, should I keep him? His life expectancy is 20 years. This stresses me out so much. I can’t believe I could be stuck with him for that long. I feed him excellent food. He is very healthy. I would be really sad if I lost my other dog, but if this little terrier ever got lost I really wouldn’t care, in fact I’d be really happy. I might feel bad for a couple hours but honestly I know it’d just take a huge weight off my shoulders (I sound incredibly selfish – just trying to be honest though!).

    So what do I do? Should I do what’s best for him or what’s best for me? The reason I have kept him for so long is because I feel like I give him a great life and wouldn’t ever want him to end up in a pound. I think every dog deserves a wonderful, active, happy, and healthy life. I just don’t think it’s fair to my dog that I dislike him and don’t really care about him enough. Though like I said I take excellent care of him and always will (aside from letting him loose outside)! The other issue is my husband actually likes this dog. So that’s another reason why we still have him, if it was entirely up to me he would have been gone much earlier. I have raised puppies before and this has nothing to do with him being young. He acts exactly like a rat terrier should – feisty, naughty, HYPER, destructive, focused yet sooo ADD sometimes, fast, mouthy, chases cats, kills littler animals, bites and gets into fights with other dogs at the park, is possessive over treats/toys (even if I correct him every time). He has growled/nipped at PEOPLE before too, which pisses me off. I think dogs that bite people shouldn’t live in a house with people. Hopefully this makes sense!!!!

    I would love some feedback.

    1. To start, I understand that this whole entire page is dedicated to expressing extreme frustration in regards to our outrageous household pets.. but you never really specified WHY you hate your terrier.

      Does he have dominance issues? Has he made a habit of destroying your furniture, or anything else in your house of great value? I expected to read about some extreme behavioral problems, such as the problems described here: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sdo/19627844.html
      Needless to say, at no point in your writing did I come across any valid, tangible reasons as to why you might hate your dog. I basically just read a long winded rant about why you hate terriers–most especially, your own (which is ironic, considering you yourself mentioned that you don’t have anything against terriers).

      I’ll say it flat out: Maybe your dog truly is a little bastard. Maybe the dog is in fact disturbed and DOES have behavior problems that have proven to be too much for you.. but you purposely trying to: A. lose your dog, or B. have it killed off, and my personal favorite C. hit and/or kick the dog simply because you don’t care for the breed and have found that you are not compatible with his personality is UNACCEPTABLE. Your own behavior toward the animal is a fine example of both cruelty and irresponsibility as a dog owner. You are the one who *chose* to bring the dog into your home. The dog cannot help what breed he is, NOR can he choose his own care taker(s). If the dog has issues with things such as dominance or aggression, or anything else for that matter, it is your responsibility as the owner to work at correcting his bad behavior (keep in mind that dogs tend to mirror the behavior of their owner). If you can’t be bothered to do that, or just plain out can’t stand him for reasons of your own, then clearly you need to find him a better home. I mean, don’t get me wrong.. Some dogs really are ill-tempered, loud-mouthed, un-trainable, garbage-loving menaces who’s sole purpose in life is to destroy everything you hold dear.. like your flame top Fender guitar that the entire Led Zepplin band signed all those years ago, for example. Come to think of it, I can think of a dog I absolutely hate right now (which is what these comments are about after all). Anyways, subjecting your own pet to your obvious anger and frustration just because you don’t like the breed is.. well, wrong, to put it mildly.

      Frankly, I find it disturbing that you could feel so negatively about your own pet and continue to abuse him.. and then proceed to say that the dog is happy in your care. Even though you claim to never hurt him when you hit/kick him, striking an animal just because you don’t like it is *never okay.* I think you would be doing yourself and the dog (MOST ESPECIALLY the dog) a world of good if you found him a new set of compatible owners who could both love and appreciate him in spite of his breed.

    2. If i were you i would ask all your friends to ask their friends and their friends and thei friends to d=see if they want any dogs like the terrier tell yoour husband well get a new one (one we’ll both like!!) I think ur doing everything right though!! GOOD FOR YOU that u wont put him in the Shelter!!!!

      1. It is a tough position to be in – but I already feel better knowing I am not the only person that hates a dog. I feel bad even saying that – and I am trying to work thru the situation. My dad passed away and his dog a toy poodle went to my in-laws who are retired and they gave the dog a good home and was well loved. The toy poodle developed diabetes and had to have a shot twice a day and they could not handle it. I felt a responsibilty as the dog was my deceased parents dog (whom i did love). I thought I would feel a connection. I have two big dogs of my own and have always had cats, even took in a stray dog(also a larger dog) and never had these feelings of hate. She really is a cute dog – but so incredibly NEEDY!!!! My other animals are just not. She’s 10 and has diabetes – if I take her to a shelter they are just going to put her down – no one wants her because of the diabetes. So not only do dogs not choose their owners – sometimes owners do not choose their dogs, it just happens. I could put her down – but she’s healthy other than having to have inexpensive shots – and I think what would my parents think about me if I did. I’ll keep trying to make it work – that’s all I can do.

    3. I don’t know what to tell you except, I can totally relate!!! I wish my dogs would run away but they know they have it too good to leave! I’d shoot them if my neighbors didn’t live so close and they are too heavy for me to bury alone. It sounds awful but it’s honestly how I feel inside! All I can do is hope they die very very soon of natural causes! I think everyday EVERYDAY “please just die today! die while I’m at work, grocery, vacation, whatever!”

    4. if you are unhappy with a dog i say that you just sell him to someone but trying to “shoot” or “loose” him is cruel as the dog or someone else could get hurt as you say hes being growly.
      good luck lauren x

      1. Setting a dog loose to fend for itself is cruel and could get you in alot of legal trouble if the dog bites someone or causes a car accident or harms/kills someone else’s pet; plus loose dogs form packs that attack people and cause a public health hazard. Shooting your dog is a better option. Transferring a dog you know to be dangerous (a biter or people or other animals) leaves you open to a lawsuit. In two cases shelter employees adopted out dogs they knew to be dangerous and the dog killed the new owner-the employees were convicted of homicide. If you’re that miserable with this dog and the spouse won’t listen to reason arrange an accident for it. Life is too short to be miserable for 20 years.

    5. I love big dogs to. Some terriers are narcotic!
      I have had many dogs and been employed by animal control. AND some big dogs DO noog physical correction. Say what you will, call me abusive, but my pitbull used to nip and bite, and I smacked the crap out of him every time. Guess what? He doesn’t even attempt to mouth me any more. Dogs should NEVER be allowed to bite people. Last week a yellow lab killed a toddler in a swing. Chewed his legs off. Sorry but I have more sympathy for PEOPLE than for dogs. Still I love the dogs I’ve had or have and they are great. Some dogs are intolerable. I suggest giving him away.

      1. Neurotic* ( iPhone auto corrects.) not narcotic … Lol but then if he was narcotic maybe you could sell him instead of giving him away haha.

      2. Oh fuck this post. my iPhone autocorrected like everything wrong.
        I need a computer. I swear I’m not an illiterate hick. I just can’t type. (***need not “noog. “Wtf iPhone. What’s a noog? Fml.

  7. Post an ad, and re-home the dog you hate and keep the one you love. Best solution for you and the dog.

    I hate my dog too. But mainly because he hates me. So the feeling is mutual. I got him from a breeder, and I can’t sell him to anyone else due to my contractual agreement. So I either give him back, or keep him. I guess I could give him back.

  8. The dog I hate is the one I got from a breeder too! And the one I love is from a humane society. Strange – it’s as if the ones who are rescued are more grateful. The ones we buy are spoiled brats…. I actually have cats too, and the one I love most was a rescue from the pound as well.

    hmmm…I think I’ll keep both of my dogs, BUT if that little terrier ever bites a person I will probably put him down. I don’t tolerate dog aggression towards humans, I understand it can be “trained” out of them or whatever, but they are JUST DOGS and honestly there are MILLIONS of HOMELESS dogs in the shelters out there who are perfectly good dogs who would never bite anyone. I’d rather weed out the bad ones and keep the friendly ones alive. I know that sounds horrible but with this massive overpopulation problem it makes perfect sense to me!


  9. My last old dog was a cockerspaniel that I rescued from the humane society, and I LOVED him. He was old, with tons of medical problems, and already dying when I got him. But he was very little work in general because he wasn’t very mobile, and as long as I gave him attention, took him out on short walks, and fed him his meds, he was terrific. The cocker had many physical ailments like diarrhea and vomiting frequently due to his age. You know what? None of those things bothered me at the time. And I still miss that dog.

    I decided to get a much younger dog this time so I could have the dog for a longer period of time. I have never bought from a breeder, and mine is extremely reputable. But you’re right, my new dog came pre-spoiled. He is a picky eater and refuses to eat sometimes for days unless I give in to his human food demands. I was stupid the first few weeks, and gave him things like canned dog food or some human food to get him to eat. A quick note to the breeder, and she told me not to worry. My dog won’t starve to death. So I left the food and water out, and eventually he started eating. But he still plays this stupid food game with me.

    He also pees wherever he wants. This includes ON people as well, but only if they’re female. He likes to mark females. I think it’s his way of getting back at me for being a female. He doesn’t mark males though. (Little jerk!) He also marked my mother-in-law once, right on her freshly pressed pants and right before she had to go to the airport for her flight! My husband was really ticked off and wanted to put my dog down right then and there.

    My dog doesn’t really come to you when he calls, or comes up for petting or cuddling (to anyone), nor does he beg for anything. He won’t eat dog treats, only human food. He won’t eat treats for training. Which means I can’t train him. I have fed him steak, chicken, and warmed up hot dogs to try to train him. He will eat the treat, but refuse to do the task. If you make him wait until he does the task, he just turns around and goes back to his bed with a “whatever!” look on his face. Yes, you heard me right, he walked away from MEAT. He isn’t interested in agility training. He doesn’t like chewing any dog toys. I have a basketful that he won’t even give the time of day. He likes the Kong treat, but only if I put cheese spray in it, and if there are treats at the bottom of the Kong that is too hard to reach, he forgets about them and kicks the Kong away. I could stuff bacon down there and he won’t eat it if it’s too hard work.

    Don’t expect my dog to be all excited when you walk in the door nor does he get excited when new people come to the door. He could care less if a stranger is in the house. He doesn’t jump, doesn’t bark or whine (unless it’s at night and I want to actually sleep). He knows how to push my buttons in a bad way. My dog knows what I want, and makes every effort NOT to give it to me.

    So…basically, my dog is a lazy little ball of fluff. He likes to go out and play in the park, and he likes other dogs. That’s about it. He’s a dog person, and doesn’t particularly like humans. Except for food, he doesn’t think I’m all that important. He would rather live outside on the lawn if given the opportunity. This way he can roll around in dog poop, and eat grass and Earth worms all day.

    On the dim side of things (which is the brighter side for me), I’ve managed to do a couple of things with him. He can sit right before he goes out the door. He will sit at the sidewalk before crossing the street (on command). He also doesn’t bite. You might say there is hope for my dog. Of course there’s hope…if I were a dog! My husband hates him even more than I hate him. In fact, my husband never liked him from day one. But my dog LOVES my husband and tries to give HIM attention, and he just tells the dog to go away. I tell ya, my dog has got us pegged. This very attitude, which makes me more resentful because I am the one who takes care of him everyday, makes me hate my dog more. The dog actually likes the one person that hates him the most. Go figure.

    It’s gonna be a long 18 years that’s for sure.

  10. I have a young beagle, that I fell in love with in a garden centre! I am relatively new to having dogs, but I do also have a yorkshire terrier, who is lovely natured. My stupid beagle has sapped and squashed any feelings I had for him, into ones of hatred, and my husband and I are arguing because I now want to get rid of him, because he is making my life a misery! He seems to get off on being disobedient and destructive. I have tried all the different ways of training, the rewards for good behaviour, squirting water when he misbehaves, and have now resorted to hitting him, which again, ahs no effect, but it makes me feel a bit better! I am a gentle person, so for me to hit an animal, and really hope I hurt him, just shows how we are not ever going to get on!! He constantly scrounges, no matter how much he’s fed, he’s healthy, well taken care of, walked etc. I have looked on the internet, bought puppy books, spoken to vets etc, still no change!!
    So, now, if it was up to me, I would re-home him, but me and my husband are fighting about it! My beagle never chews any of his toys that I bought for him to chew, instead he eats my childrens shoes, my pot plants, rips up my garden, scrounges and tries to eat from my kids plates, I’ve caught him on my dining table, scrounging for crumbs, he jumps up and tries to swipe things from my kitchen worktops, he trashes his crate, any bedding I put in for his comfort, he chews it, shreds it, I even resorted to just newspaper, and the dumb dog just chewed and tore it all up, so at the moment he has no bedding at all, and is sleeping on cold plastic! There are many many more things I could say that he has done, but instead of being a joyful addition to the family, he is a huge nightmare burden, and I really regret getting him! If he showed ANY sign of improvement, I would hold out hope of change, but he is just SOOO thick!! He does know that what he’s chewing is wrong, because when I picked up trashed item, he looks sheepish and runs away from me!! He’s an absolute horror, and has got me questioning whether I am a dog person or not, or maybe just not a beagle person! He is also starting to corrupt my terrier, who is copying some of his behaviours, that she never did before he cam along, so what do I do?? Like someone else said, if their life expectancy is 15-20 years, great?? You can do less time for murder!! Also, my feelings are that if you make a terrible mistake marrying an idiot, and realise they aren’t as lovely as they seemed, you can divorce, and learn from it, and move on….yet when it comes to a dog, you are made to feel guilty and ashamed about re-homing a dog!! What is THAT about??!!

  11. Doggy haters please read!! Hopefully helpful information here for you:
    To all the people that posted above:

    I’m not feeling very well so this might not make much sense! But I will try my best.

    I half jokingly googled “I hate my dog” because I was in a mood with mine after she was naughty.
    I saw this page and it looked interesting. But I have ended up very worried!!

    Ok, everyone on this page I REALLY feel your pain. We have had lovely dogs in my family for years. I am now a young adult and about 4/5 yrs ago my mum bought me a labrador puppy of my own as a lovely companion and to help me with my partial disability.

    She has been SUCH trouble. Trouble like you would not believe.
    This is how I understand why you all ranted “I hate my dog”.

    … I think what you really really need to do is learn about doggy body language and what they really think and mean etc.
    Also looking into pack behaviours and dominance issues.
    All this information can be found looking online. It’s usually easy to figure if the person who wrote the article really knows what they’re going on about or not.

    Since doing a lot of research into this (body language, pack behaviour etc), things are SO much better for us. There has been an amazing turnaround. We still have minor “disagreements” like tonight – I really don’t think she is a normal dog – but in general we get along great.

    After being brought up with so many dogs, I thought I knew a lot about them before, and how to look after them/interact with them. But when my dog started with such bizarre and deviant behaviour… I had to learn a whole lot more which I hadn’t known.

    I know this sounds cliched and unfair when a dog is being a total asshole to you… but a lot of how a dog is acting… is actually down to how you are acting. The way it reacts to you, or how you haven’t acted properly to assert yourself as pack leader, or you could accidentally be sending it challenging behavior, or unwittingly frightening it .. causing the dog to show fear aggression (which could be taken as the poor dog being fierce when actually it was just defending itsself etc etc). A lot of it is misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

    Of course it’s not always entirely the owner’s fault. And each dog is a unique personality in it’s own right. … and the thing with personalities is… sometimes they have disorders haha! And dogs in general are very hard work, let alone one with a personality disorder!
    But it will still abide by basic “doggy rules” and body language reaction and communications etc. If you take the time and make the effort, you can get on a whole lot better with your dog and get it to behave a whole lot more acceptably.

    A dog is a beautiful, wonderful animal. When you take a dog on… you are basically inviting a wild animal into your home.. and you have to adapt accordingly.

    If you really don’t like your dog… then it can probably tell and my advice is that it should probably be re-homed (as long as it is to a lovely home, and not somewhere where it’s going to be neglected, or passed on again or put down). There is probably somebody out there who would love it, and be grateful to have it rather than resent it.

    If you’re not willing to put the work in, or it’s literally impossible to get anywhere because you’re really not a dog person, then look after both yourself and your dog by passing it on to more experienced/appropriate owners.

    To the terrier hater person. Please please rehome your dog rather than try and lose it or have it put down the first chance you can get. This would be kinder to everyone involved. It’s not really ok to take on the responsibility of looking after another life.. to just try and lose it or have it killed :O
    I know you might have just been joking, or felt angry when you had those thoughts (as when times were tough I even nearly had similar ones and I’m the most animal loving person you could meet!) but I thought I better just say that just incase you were serious on those bits. It’s not ok to just chuck a little life.. which you took on.. away. But it is ok to rehome it to a loving, experienced home!
    Btw I hope you and the other person that said they hit their dog, meant a little nudge when you said you hit and kick it. A little nudge is ok, but you must never actually literally HIT or KICK an animal. Not only is it horrible and cruel but could provoke them into attacking you back. It would only be defending itsself! But obviously this isn’t very nice to encourage your dog into going for you. (And it would entirely be your own fault in this instance).

    There is no “It’s just a dog” well..? We’re “just” humans… it’s not ok to be cruel or unkind to ANY living creature. It is a little life, and it is important. It’s not just expendable because it’s “just a dog”. A dog is an intelligent loving capable being. A being who has thoughts and feelings and feels pain and so on.

    If a dog isn’t getting on with it’s owner then it’s not the right dog for them and either it needs a new owner or it’s current owner needs to do some serious learning.
    Every responsible dog owner should do some serious learning ANYway in order to ensure the dog and everyone around it has a happy life.

    It sounds simple… get a dog and it just blend in easily with the family. But often it really isn’t that simple. It is a huge responsibility.. and if you take it on.. you have to deal with the consequences of that decision you made.. and either become an amazing owner… or pass the dog on to somebody that is.

    I am not judging the feelings of “I hate my dog” at all! I totally understand it.
    As I said, I have had some horrendously difficult times with my dog until I did a lot of learning and even now it can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

    But I do think that some of you probably aren’t experienced enough in owning difficult dogs and should pass them on to somebody that is (not just bung them in a shelter… but actually make sure they go to an experienced home. You can make that effort.. you did take this dog on or have it given to you.. it is your responsibility now!)

    Lol! The person that said “how come you can divorce someone if they’re not nice but you have to be stuck with a mean dog?” haha! I used to think exactly the same thing! But you know what? You don’t have to be stuck with it. You have a right to be happy too! So, you can either do a lot of learning and sort it out that way, or you can give it to a new experienced and loving home.
    If you tried your hardest, or you just couldn’t cope, then you don’t need to feel at all bad for giving it to a good home (as long as the new owners really know what they are doing.) So there are 2 positive options!

    Though even good dogs are hard work, owning a dog should generally be an enriching happy mutually beneficial and sometimes amazing, wonderous experience. If it isn’t, then positive action needs to be taken! Dogs are gorgeous and amazing.

    Ok I really hope some of that made sense and was helpful.

  12. Jack,
    There are plenty of sites for dog owners to get advice like yours. I get it, you love your dog, and you worked things out. Good for you! I’m just venting…real or tongue-in-cheek. This blog is meant for tired and maybe even selfless owners. Let me have my fun. I want to read canine gripes. No lectures please. I want to know that there are worse dogs out there than mine. It makes me feel better and hate my dog less. Strange as that might sound. I don’t think abuse is good either…but I’m not here to judge. I just like to know that I’m not the only one that wouldn’t mind losing my dog from time to time…but the darn thing keeps following me home!

  13. Y know enough is enough theres only so many times will we let our dogs pee on us! hypotheticaly speaking…. i cant even get my stupid dog to sit ..because hes a hyper maniac,and my moms owned several large dogs and training worked. i will never own another dog ,or small one at that..mine is a Dachsund/pug mix ,very cute but horrid…. he has defacted on 2 couches, I got rid of both and on my bed once ..when your not catering to him this is what he does, hes a bastar* of a dog im expecting a baby in Novemeber, but hes gonna be gone before then,i want my house back! and clean at that!..last night i took him for a walk and he did #1 and 2…afterwards i scratched his back petted him for a few..till he got overly hyper as** usual**…then i went about my buisness an hour later he took a crap right in my hallway!! GRRRRRR in the cage he went for the rest of the night…i was going to sell him seeing i got succored into paying $700 at the darn pet store… what a waste of money!! i shoulda listened to my husband then. now i cant even sell him for $200! humane society here he comes in 2 weeks ,i have to pay $40 to turn him in, and i will note* needs LOTS OF ATTENTION*~

  14. it’s torture really – to own a dog you hate. esp, when it’s a small breed dog, and you know it could live for YEARS! i hate my little dog. he’s a chihuahua/italian greyhound mix. i adopted him from the pound and he’s the meanest dog. he’s mean to other dogs. mean to people. he pees on himeself all the time. he likes to lick his ass and then try to lick me. eats other animal’s poo like it’s candy. and worst of all, the idea of giving him away, sends my husband into a rage. i honestly think this dog is ruining my marriage.


    1. You can hate your job, your commute to work, your boss or the other team that is playing your favorite team at the moment but you can not hate your dog? Please get a grip Ssaid,. I hate my DOG who is no god since most dogs are pretty stupid animals to begin with. I also love my dog at times when it is not f’ing up my house, my yard and my nerves! The dog gets more attention than I do from the whole family including from me. She is a 1 year old lab and is of the utmost annoying eating crapping machine there ever was. She is also a beautiful, loving and relaxed companion (when the kids are not around) one could ask for. I do supose when she is 2 to 3 years of age she may wise up and not be so annoying but until that time comes, to you I say… I hate my F’ing chocolate Lab.

    2. We don’t need you to defend our dogs. Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be human? Just like Esteban said…it’s a love hate thing. I remember a time when my own children were small and driving me nuts that I locked myself in the bathroom just to get away from them. But it didn’t make me less of a parent or love my children less. Why would venting on a blog with other like-minded, people who might just be tired from life…from being everything to everyone…including their little canines be any different? How dare you insult us for being human…for many of us who are still committed to our little loved ones, and only looking for a place to take a “time out” from them…maybe lick our own wounds for a short virtual moment and have the pleasure of discovering that we are not alone. We don’t need you to remind us that the world is filled with judgements. We don’t judge here. We don’t even want your compassion. We’re just here to vent…that’s why we like this blog. Leave your judgements on another blog where everyone there is perfect…like you.

      1. Well said! Judge and be judged. A lot of people judge others to make themselves feel superior.

  16. I’m so glad I came across this blog post! I got an incredibly cute whippet puppy 10 days ago and for the last 3 days I can’t stop hating him. I know, it sounds horrendous, but that’s how I feel, there’s no use in denying it.

    I was sooooooo looking forward to bringing the pup home! I visited the breeder every week since he’s been 9 days old and cuddled / played with it. He seemed such a nice puppy when he was with his brothers and sisters. Then at 8 weeks old he seemed suddenly different – scared of every little thing, he wouldn’t stop whining when we took him home. Then of course he decided to destroy everything he saw in the apartment, but we were prepared for that and put most of the things away (except sofa – couldn’t get rid of that).
    He whined through most of the first night, and for the next few nights he did about four extra loud “whining sessions” that were 1hr – 1,5hr long every night. I couldn’t sleep for the first few nights, I was so afraid he was going to hurt himself as he was whining and running around his crate. It sounded like he was bumping in the crate door.
    I took care of him for the first week (day and night), but he seems to think that I’m only good for bringing him food and water and taking him out when he needs to go. He behaves very nicely when he’s with my boyfriend or my boyfriend’s mother – they can go on a walk with him (without him trying to break his neck while jumping on the leash), they can take him in a car (without him whining ALL the time), and when he sees them he’s wagging tail, jumping, licking…
    When he’s with them and I arrive he mostly just ignores me. I don’t deserve a greeting. I can’t take him on a leash or in the car without loud, non-stop protests. I am a gentle person, but this makes me want to hit him. I can’t beileve that I gave so much attention to this dog and he couldn’t care less if I weren’t there.

    So three days ago I just decided it’s not worth my energy. Perhaps he will grow out of it and become a loving dog that I thought I brought from the breeder. But right now I can’t help not to hate him. I don’t hit him and I take care of his needs, but I wish that I had never bought him.

  17. I am dealing with the same thing, but The reality is I didn’t want the dog in first place. I can’t rid of it cuz my husband puts up a huge fight about it! The first time I have ever brought up the topic about getting rid of the dog, he wanted to divorce me! I am sobbing right now cuz It really hurts talking about it! I was shocked how he chose a dog over me! Till this day the dogs is here and my husband does not take care of it. He never feeds it, bathes it nothing! I have to do it all. We moved into a place were theres a garage, we put her in there, but he wants the door to the garage open 24/7 cuz he thinks its animal cruelty to leave her in there with the door closed. I mean the dog has a good blowing fan in there and food/water, whats so cruel about leaving her there with the door closed? Well since the door is left open 24/7 our light bill came back and it is $208. I was pissed! I mean the A/C never turns off so our light bill gets affected. Now that I am 6 months pregnant, I still have to maintane the dog! He wants the dog left on the tile with the garage door closed, and I dare not tell him no cuz he will have a fit and argument will come. I mean the garage constantly smells like crap/piss, and i am over it. I want her GONE! But he will just fight with me and It hurts alot!SO not sure what to do to get rid of her without an argument…

    1. let her run away? put a faulty collar on her that will open with some pulling? I dunno. Sounds like your husband can be stubborn and selfish making you do all the dirty work for your dog.

    2. I’m totally understand your feeling as I’m facing almost same situation as you. My hubby has 2 dogs before we got married and I moved in. One of his dog has a lot of medical problems and died due to age and illness half a year ago. Now even we down with one dog and yet I still hate the dog in this house.

      Reasons why I hate the dogs :
      a) Dogs issues always become the main cause of argument between me and my husband.
      b) Destroying the vege garden even though there’s a fence blocked around the vege garden. The dog just hop in. Now I have to get a higher fence to block it.
      c) Completely destroy our original plan of honeymoon. My husband decided to stay at home during the period that we were planning to go for honeymoon cause that period was fireworks weekend. He said he wont leave the dogs alone during that weekend. That really got me pissed off. Until today, we have not been to our honeymoon yet. That make me hate the dogs even more.
      d) Keep hopping on the couch and leave the hairs all over it.
      e) The dogs bring lots of dirts into the house. End up I have to clean up the mess.
      f) My husband said he will bath the dogs every 2 weeks and end up never bath them for months. Guess who have to do it end of the day?
      g) There are more ….but enough said for now.

      Recently my todler tried to crawl out the house from the dog door and that’s the day I had enough of dog freely roaming in the house. I used the other baby gate to block out the dog door area and now the dogs only can enter the house and stay in his 1m x 1m area. I’m so relieved that my husband did not object to this. Since that day, the house become much more cleaner from dirt and hairs. I have less mess to clean up.

  18. omg i’m so happy i’m not alone. i just bought a pug that needed to be re-homed on craigslist four days ago for $100. i was so happy and exicted to get this dog because i love pugs and love dogs and have always wanted one. well, i REALLY regret my decision now. this dog has the most horrendous seperation anxiety, i can’t even go take a pee without this dog going ballisitic! it does not leave me alone for two seconds, it wants to be GLUED to me EVERY. SECOND. OF. EVERY. DAY. it is driving me NUTS!

    not only is he extremely clingy but i believe this dog thinks in his own sad little dog mind that he and i are MATES. it tries to hump my leg at every chance it gets! i can’t STAND that! it’s revolting! it makes me feel so uncomfortable, the way it looks up at me with it’s creepy little tounge hanging out and tries to hump me! it won’t even let my boyfriend near me without going absolutely batshit crazy. it disturbs me and i feel so weird and slightly ridiculous for feeling so violated.

    i feel so bad because he is actually a very nice little dog aside from the issues i mentioned. he doesn’t bark or bite or even lick. he likes to snuggle and literally be attatched to you.. but i just can’t get over the nasty OBSESSIVE humping and the way he has me tripping over him cus he walks right in between my damn legs because he can’t leave me alone for two freaken seconds.

    i feel so guilty but i rather give him to someone who can care for him and love him all the time, because i certainly can’t. i know it is not his fault, he is just an innocent little dog but DAMN! i can’t stand this dog : (

  19. I’m not alone hip-hip-horray.
    I recently rescued a whippet from a dog home and she chews EVERYTHING – form shoes to rubber gloves. I feel so guilty for thinking that life would be better off without her, but she was £150 and as she was already from the RSPCA we can’t really take her back. My aunt has a dog and she is lovely, my mum has owned dogs before and she said they were nothing like the little terror we have now.
    Ohhh help!

    1. Of course you can take the dog back. Pull into the parking lot, take the dog in the door, drop it, then leave. Easy.

  20. My boyfriend has a demon dog that I can’t stand! She growls, snarls and snaps at me. I’ve been nice to her, I’ve been consistent. I tell her no, I make her mind…yet, she is still spiteful.

    The boyfriend, “loves” the dog. He won’t part with her and blames me for her behavior. She is extremely spoiled. She sleeps in a bedroom, on a person bed, whenever he is not home. She doesn’t have boundaries — she gets on the furniture, tears up blinds, and wreaks havoc throughout the house. There are scratches all over the wood furniture — sides, tops, bottoms, fronts (chest of drawers, dressers, mirrors, bed frames). And she sheds like nothing you’ve ever seen. How can I convince him to get rid of the beast? She is what is holding us up on moving in together…

  21. okay about a year ago my parents thought it would be a good idea to replace the dog that died a couple of years ago and i thoughht it would be a good idea….
    i was sadly mistaken
    1. he is a Brussels Griffin so he is horrably ugly they modeled ewoks in star wars off of them
    2. he is a coward who does nothing while we are home but poops in my room and rips up any paper he can get his stupid little paws on
    3. i think any tiny dog thick enough to attack a pitbull terrier is just to stupid to be allowed to walk
    4. he is just so damn ugly
    5. he thinks he is slick pooping in my room only and he knows its bad thats why from the time i get home untill my parents get home he hides under there bed
    what should i do i am the only person in this house who sees how stupid this dog is but everybody loves him?

  22. Thank goodness there are people out there that feel this way too! I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend and I decided to get a dog and searched for half a year before we found what we thought was the “perfect” puppy. We spent an hour at the breeder cooing over the little thing and finally decided to bring it home. She was the sweetest thing and we were so happy during the drive home. Then that evening arrived and all hell broke loose. The dog would not stop barking and howling. I’ve had the puppy for two months now and she still has not stopped her incessant howling when I leave the room. In fact, she has gotten much much worse. I’ve done all the training I was told to do, such as ignore the dog, give her praise when she is quiet. I took her to all the dog training courses I could find.

    That first weekend, I really wanted to drive right back to that breeder and return the dog! I love animals and I’ve always loved dogs. But after owning one, I have to say, I am not a dog person anymore. I don’t hate the dog, I just resent it for taking up so much of my time and energy.

    The dog was potty trained after coming to our home but recently, she has decided to start pooing and peeing everywhere! She will sneak off when I am not watching and poo in the bathroom. I kept the bathrooms off limits to her, and now she’ll run into a corner of another room and poo there in the seconds I am not watching her. I take her out to potty every two hours! She really is a demon dog. I am so tired of cleaning up after her!

    I wish someone had told me all this prior to me getting a dog. I am apparently surrounded by dog lovers who can’t imagine the hate I feel for my “perfect pooch.”

    1. It’s been 11 months since I got the puppy, and to be honest she has gotten 100x better. Yes, she drove me completely insane the first six months. But with time, she matured, and grew into a wonderful dog. When my friends ask, I still don’t recommend them getting dogs unless they have all the patience in the world to deal with it.

      It took much time and patience, and I strongly believe that any dog can be changed for the better given the right training. Yes, she has some annoying habits still (crying when we’re out of sight, chewing things up when I’m not watching), but I’m still glad I got her.

      To all the dog owners out there with horrible dogs, I think you deserve a better life. If the dog just isn’t working with your family, get rid of it!! Rehome it so that maybe it can live a better life somewhere else.

  23. Ah, yes, this did make me feel a lot better. I was really irritated with my dog this evening. Irritated enough to type “I hate my dog” into google. Reading these rants does make me feel better about my dog. Granted he’s not a pup so none of the typical pup related issues to deal with. I am just frustrated that at 10 he’s still so hyper (I know, the alternative, him lying around all old and decrepit is worse). The things that annoy me about my dog are his weird, random barks in the middle of the night when DH, the kids and I are all trying to sleep, oh and now the addition of a fire station down the road means lovely howling every time a fire engine drives by (which is regularly); also the way he gets in between my boys and me anytime I am trying to play with them (this is particularly distressing to my 3y.o. who gets licked in the face constantly by said stinky pooch) and lastly the stench of his very foul, very nasty breath. I had his teeth cleaned a few months ago and was religious about brushing them after wards but the nasty breath was ever present. It smells like the worst poop smell in the world coming out of his mouth. Oh and we think he was abused in a previous home because he is highly distrustful of men, to the point where we have to put him in the garage when a stranger or friend that he doesn’t know is coming over. At that point he will bark and bark and bark until the guest is gone. He bit my brother on the elbow once (we weren’t present at the time), nipped a guest who tried to pet him (we told the guest that the dog does not like men but he insisted that all dogs love him) and he attempted to bite another guest who was a little faster and managed to get his hand out of the way in time. So to recap: random barking, day or night, annoys the heck out of the kids, extreme bad breath, aggressive towards men and other dogs. Wheeee! What fun. At least some of you have pups who will grow out of their bad behaviors. I can only wait until mine is too old to move and that’s an awful thought to wish for your dog to be too decrepit to be annoying and at that point he will probably be incontinent and will poop and pee everywhere – I am NOT looking forward to that.

      1. Thanks ebineezer, why didn’t I think of that…DUH—he’s been thru training school TWICE (and a month long boarding & training school)!!! but thx for thinking I was too dumb to think of something like that!!

        Have you ever considered some dogs are just very high maintenance?!

      2. yes Sara, you dimwit. The point is YOU bought it. It’s YOUR problem, that much you seem to grasp. But for all your bitching, imagine how your neighbors feel having to put up with your mutt, something they had no choice in. Next time you make an important decision involving a living creature, maybe you’ll put 5 minutes of thought into it. May your pup poop and pee on your bedspread forever!!

  24. The biggest question is: What do I hope to get out of my dog?

    -If you bought it to show it off…. wrong answer
    -If you care for any living being and expect it to not need time and patience …. wrong answer

    The problem with so many people is that they want a dog that they can either show off or one that will be a replacement teddy bear. Either option, requires a selfish person from the start.

    If you want to own a pet and build a quality life long friendship with it, do it right. Train it, care for it, love it, and treat it like the living being that it is.

  25. I hate my dog, too. Sigh. Although I have to say, reading these responses makes me feel like he’s not actually so bad.

    Really, the problem is that I have these amazing memories of my childhood dog, and this dog SO does not live up to those. But it’s not fair to ask him to. Completely different breed, different life circumstances, and the childhood dog really was an exceptional animal.

    Most dogs aren’t exceptional, obviously.

    I’ve got three kids under the age of five and a husband who is gone a lot, and no other family within five hundred miles. My emotional reserves are already running on low, and have been for a long time.

    A lovely pup showed up last year on my doorstep, half-starved, and the shelter lady hinted that they’d probably have to put him down if I brought him in.

    So I kept him. Out of guilt! It’s almost as stupid as marrying a guy because you feel vaguely guilty about turning him down. (hey, I’ve done that before, too. A pattern is emerging!)

    I guess I figured even a modest existence here would be better than being put down at the pound. Or left to starve in the countryside.

    Maybe I was right after all.

  26. As a non-dog owner, i would give anything to know how dog owners justify the kind of practices, leaving dogs alone, leaving them out all night, etc., that result in the kind of constant barking and other nuisances that really alienate the rest of us, affecting our sleep work and right to enjoyment of our lives. Is it that you are inured to your own dogs behavior, or as some suspect, related to a kind of anti-social impulse? Don’t the more responsible owners at least realize how bad this makes all of you look and makes many of us loath dogs? I am truly curious.

    1. First of all WTF are you on this site since you don’t own a dog?? Are you THAT bored & lonely? Second, I keep my dog in the house, not outside barking depriving you of your precious & probably much needed beauty sleep. Read other posts, many owners keep their dogs indoors w/ free run of the house or crate trained at night. Go find a hobby other than reading posts that have NOTHING to do w/ you, eh.

      1. First of all Sara, i said nothing about barely literate, self-righteous Canadians, eh , so my question wasn’t really directed at you. When you learn to read, maybe you will see what my question was asking.

        For anyone else reading, it is f*cktards like Sara who think their indoor dogs don’t bother anyone else when they leave them alone in their apartments/houses all day alone, the dog thinking their owner isn’t coming back, and barking and whining. It’s really cruelty, but this doesn’t accord with their prickish owners’ sense of self so it is ignored–everyone else is too sensitive and needs “beauty sleep,” my dog isn’t the problem, they think. Other people’s sleep and enjoyment of life just isn’t important to these misanthropes. Since this type of owner only has dogs to show everyone how well adjusted they are (and try to sooth their lonely pathetic lives)–like their Prius and kid and anything else society told them they had to have– they think that they can look down on all their unreasonable neighbors, who just don’t understand why they should suffer day and night barking and other nuisances from these pricks’ self-esteem vanity projects. Yes, Sara I’m sure your dog loves you, sure. Until you stop feeding it.

    2. As a dog owner, I often wonder the same thing. Our neighbors have a dog like this-barks incessantly. I never see them walk it or play with it. A dog is not like a vase-you put it on the shelf and that’s it. A dog is a FRIGGING LOT OF WORK. I don’t think most people should have a dog. Sara, STFU.

  27. I’m glad that I found this site. I thought I was the only one who had thoughts that I would only share with my husband. I hate my in-law’s mini-schnauzer mutt. I wish that it would get run over or get lost. Whenever I visit, it jumps on me incessantly with a heavy paw. I try to be polite and wait for my in-laws to stop him. They giggle and act like nothing is happening. btw, i hate them too. Then i sit down on the couch & laugh about the conversation. The schnauzer shoves his tough into my mouth. INTO MY MOUTH. I thought I would vomit. I wish i had vomited on the dog.

    Moreover when I bring my sweet little cavalier pup over to say hi, the schnauzer is constantly pawing at his face, and intercepting whenever someone gives my puppy affection. Like the Schnauz can’t stand the competition. But there is no competition because my cavalier is such a sweet little pushover. Plus the Schnauz has cornered my in-law’s cat basically allowing her a chair seat in the kitchen. That’s it – the rest of the huge house is his. And my stupid in-laws act like there is nothing they can do about it. Oh, i have an idea – discipline your stupid aggressive, territorial shithead schnauz. The poor cat is now obese and ignored. My in-laws admitted that the new dog is just more interesting and couldn’t be bothered with their old cat.

    When my in-laws’ schnauz comes over, he high-pitch whines like a wimpy little shit because I blocked off the living room from the rest of the house. Then he runs around and marks (urines) on my couches and ottoman. Some marks I find later that day, others I find weeks later when my cavalier is sniffing an area a long time (my cavalier can’t mark furniture because he can’t lift his leg when he pees – pees like a girl syndrome).

    When I try to give schnauz another chance by babysitting and trying to get him to play nicely with my cav, he bolts it out of my yard as fast as he can while I’m screaming, “STOP!” and all I can think is how my in-laws would kill me, but secretly I would be happy if he ran into the busy road. My cav was jogging next to me and would never be as stupid as this schnauz.

    fyi, he was from a shelter, 2 yrs old mutt, has no personality- for example, when he is left alone with me & cav and my in-law leaves the room, he just sits there so pathetically with eyes fixated on the door. He doesn’t play with dogs, humans, toys, or has interesting idiosyncrasies. He just obsesses about claiming territory and his owners.

  28. Aaaaand, I’m back. Today Moe (aka asshole yellow lab, AYL for short) has found yet another way to escape the expensive dog run we had installed for him this past summer, since he totally wrecked our lawn with his digging and crapping last summer. We made a NICE BIG dog run, complete with a small swimming pool, tons of toys and bones, and a big cedar house with a floor and HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. Yes, you read right, there’s a heating and air conditioning unit for the effing DOG HOUSE. There used to be nice magnetic doors on the house, too, until AYL the Wonder Crapper chewed them off. Ok, so the neighbors got a little black terrier puppy, cutest thing you ever saw and I never hear a peep our of him. Of course maybe that’s cuz AYL drowns him out, who knows? Anywho, AYL decided he simply MUST have that little terrier and has dug two ENORMOUS holes under the 6ft cedar privacy fence that surrounds his run on three sides. I put 1/4″ wire fencing in the holes with big rocks on top of them so he can’t get thru them anymore. Now he’s working on a new hole. If it’s deep enuf maybe I’ll use it as his GRAVE!
    Ok so I sort of stopped him from escaping thru the holes with my ingenious wire rock trap, at least for a few days, and today I put him in the run and lo and behold, five minutes later he was at the door. How DID he get out?? I put him back. Four minutes later he was at the door again. Again, I put him back. This time I was barely back int he house and there he was at the door. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!! Turns out he is actually jumping on the 4.5 foot pool ledge, balancing on it til he can get on the deck, and then he has the run of the yard. He can’t escape the back yard because of the previously mentioned fence, but it would kill me to have his kleenex and cotton ball filled crap (his favorite treats) all over my pristine green carpet of sod.
    Now he is in his crate with a blanket over it because I can’t stand to look at his stupid face. Is there like a novena to some saint for hastening dog death? I’m thisclose to putting him in the car and dropping him off in the forest preserve. I swear he will be the DEATH of me.

  29. By the way, did I mention that AYL has a brother who is at this moment sleeping peacefully in the heated dog house? Just in case you thought the dog might be BORED or something, and that’s why he keeps trying to escape. Nope, it’s just to drive me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And it’s WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Oh damn do I hate my dog………..she’s such a freaking destructive pest.
    2 year old yellow lab.
    As a puppy, she did nothing but bite us, bark at us, and eat ANYTHING she could get in her mouth………several thousand dollars in vet bills to get her stomach pumped.
    Despite all the exercise and chew toys, she has managed to tear up about 5% of the carpet in my house, and there are 8 big holes in the wall.
    I run this dog 25 miles a week…….she mostly has free reign of the house and yard.
    So it’s not like she’s stuck in a crate all day.

    She’s a sweet dog………but damn she’s a PEST.
    She is CONSTANTLY leaning on me and licking me and sticking her cold wet nose on my hand,,,,,….this is so annoying!!
    I’ll be washing dishes and she’ll sit on my foot and fall into my leg.

    She is always in my damn way and trips me.
    My wife and I have to yell at her or she won’t take us serious.
    And I hate yelling.

    And she CONSTANTLY has gas…….really smelly gas.
    She’s a big giant pooping machine, and she has the smelliest shit of any dog I’ve ever known.
    One time I woke up from a nap and she had crawled on the bed.
    I woke up because she farted and her ass was right next to my face.

    And nobody can teach her anything……..she has shit for brains.
    I used to tie her in the hallway when I couldn’t supervise her.
    Several times she chewed the rope in half and didn’t even realize she was free.
    I threw a bone down the hall way and she’d stop where the rope would normally end.

    When she was a puppy I thought she was smart.
    I taught her a lot until she was 5 months old……….she hasn’t learned anything since.
    I’ve been through 3 personal trainers who finally admitted that she doesn’t have any self-control and thus I’ll have to learn to work “around” her problems and probably can’t correct them.

    She’s a hyper ditz in public and jumps on people, wagging her tail.
    And people then say “TRAIN YOUR DOG”…….aahhhhhhhh so frustrating.

    For people who say it’s the owner, not the dog……that every dog can be trained……well you have just been lucky so far.
    I used to say that too.
    Training a dog is not rocket science…….the dog has a mind of its own…….if it’s too stupid or hyper to learn and behave it just won’t do it.

    But I keep my dog because she is a sweet dog now,,,,,just really pesty.
    I’m too afraid of what would happen to her if I gave her away.

  31. Wow, I’m glad I found this site. I’ve always wanted a dog. I always had a dog as a kid and knew once I was on my own and had a house I would get a dog. Well, after months of pestering my husband for one (he didn’t want one – said it was too much work, and the cat wouldn’t like it), he finally agreed and the dog arrived yesterday. Well, he was right. The dog has only been here 24 hours and I hate it. It’s a 7 month old golden/lab mix. The dog is actually really cute and overall well behaved. He has consistently let us know when he needs to go outside and slept thru the night. The thing is the dog doesn’t listen to me, only my husband. On top of that my cat, who once had the run of the house, is now scared to come downstairs. She’s been under the bed since the dog arrived. I feel terrible putting her through this. I can’t take my eyes of this dog because I read you need to correct bad behavior as it happens (catch him in the act). Even though he isn’t listening to me. I haven’t been able to sleep or eat since he got here. My stomach is in knots and I feel like I’ve made a really big mistake. My husband told me we can’t return him because we made the committment, even though it’s only been 1 day! He also told me to give it time, but I look at this dog and see all the hard work it’s going to take and I’m overwhelmed. I don’t want to be left alone with the dog because he just isn’t listening to me. I’m getting so frustrated. I think I’m going to hide under the bed with the cat until my husband 1) trains the dog to be the well behaved dog of my dreams and listens to me 2) my husband agrees that the cat and I are not happy and the dog finds a better home. The thing is…I thought I ALWAYS wanted a dog. In 24 hours, I figured out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  32. I hate my dog. Wow, that feels good to be able to say! If you tell people that, they think there’s something wrong with you — and, the crazy thing is, I LOVE animals! We have 2 labs — one 9 year old yellow and a 2 year old chocolate. After the “puppy” phase, our chocolate lab has turned out to be a wonderful companion. Our yellow lab, on the other hand, has gotten progressively worse since we 1.) adopted our chocolate lab and 2.) had a baby in April, 2008. Here is a list of her annoying, neurotic, destructive behaviors:

    1.) Barks at NOTHING out the back door/window — wakes up the baby from his naps all the time. Barks at NOTHING out the front door — scares the living daylights out of everyone, and wakes up the baby often.

    2.) We have to have guests come in through the garage and then the garage door in order not to “disrupt” the dog(s) (the yellow lab’s behavior gets my chocolate lab excited most of the time). Even then, she jumps up and licks people’s face, sometimes knocks them over and/or scratches them. It’s unintentional, but still completely annoying, especially for people who don’t like dogs that much.

    3.) If a “surprise” guest comes over and rings the doorbell, FORGET trying to get to the door without having to pull their necks as hard as possible to pull them out of the way. People cannot EVER come in the front door without being bombarded, especially by our yellow lab. And, she’s very “solid”, so any type of jumping is very intimidating and heavy.

    4.) Bombards into my 20-month old and knocks him over on a daily basis. Most of his bruises are due to doggy run-ins. She just doesn’t care where she’s stepping.

    5.) Eats her own poop and the chocolate lab’s poop in the back yard EVERY TIME she goes outside. I get it scooped 2X a week by a service to MAKE SURE it gets done regularly, and it’s still not enough. I have a toddler, therefore, I can’t do this daily and can’t go outside to scoop every time they poop. Her burps smell like a 100 year old fermented fart. Her farts smell even worse. She tries licking my toddler’s face after feasting on her own feces. I’m 17 weeks pregnant, and this whole thing gives me dry heaves.

    6.) She obsessively, neurotically and constantly licks the entire perimeter and surrounding parts of the kitchen floor. Whether I just cooked, didn’t cook, vacuumed, swept or mopped, it doesn’t matter. I walk in after being gone for 2 minutes, and I see wet tongue prints covering the entire floor. It’s disgusting, especially knowing what she’s been eating outside … this doesn’t seem THAT annoying unless you are going through it. It’s CONSTANT. I feel like all I do is yell, yell, yell at this dog to STOP licking the damn floor. She does, but then will just circle the table and start over again. She’ll go drink some water to “wet her whistle” and start over. It makes me CRAZY.

    7.) She follows me EVERYWHERE. OK, I get it, they are pack animals. But even my chocolate lab gives me a break now and then and does her own thing (chews on a bone, takes a nap, etc.), but this damn dog is on my heels when I vacuum, clean, walk from one room to another or even go to the damn bathroom! I have to literally slam a door in her face to keep her away, and then when I do that, she squeals and paces the ENTIRE time. I’ve tried everything…lemon water spray, positive reinforcement, etc. Nothing works long term. I hate being eyed and followed all day by this dog — it’s more exhausting than taking care of my toddler!

    8.) The dog hair is HORRENDOUS. This is both dogs — but more so the yellow because she has softer hair and sheds more. I vacuum EVERY SINGLE DAY. If I don’t, hair becomes ridiculous, it sticks to our clothes, it gets in our food, it floats around in the freakin’ air we breathe! Not to mention, I can see that she jumps on the couch to sleep whenever I leave because hair covers our leather couch where she’s been. Our entire house has been redone to accommodate dog hair (we replaced most carpet with wood floors, ceramic tile and got rid of any fabric furniture, it’s all leather. I swear, our lives have revolved more around this dog than my own son! I dust and vacuum and 2 hours later hair is covering everything again, even a coffee table and a mantle that is 5 feet off the ground. WTF???

    9.) Separation Anxiety. Any time this dog is “closed off” in another room, whether on accident or on purpose (usually to let a guest into the house without being physically accosted), she squeals this high-pitched squeal, paces and scratches at the door. My other dog does nothing (makes no noise whatsoever). She has another dog to keep her company, and it’s not enough. We had to show our home because we were selling it, and I think having them downstairs in the basement is one of the reasons this house didn’t sell because that dog yelped and squealed the entire time we were gone. People don’t like that, but I had no other choice at the time because they are nearly impossible to transport.

    10.) Transporting. Taking her anywhere in the car is an ordeal. The minute she jumps into the back of the SUV, she tried jumping into the back seat. Anything to get closer to us. It’s hell taking her anywhere. When I have to open the back of the SUV to get her out, I have to use black magic in order to get the leash attached so she doesn’t jump out, run away from me and make it very difficult to keep her from going into oncoming traffic (although some days that might be a breath of fresh air).

    11.) The leash and walks. Horrible. I can’t take her. She pulls SO hard on a leash, I can’t even go anymore (being pregnant). Even with a properly placed “choke chain”, she’ll respond temporarily, but then just get used to the choking sensation and continue pulling.

    12.) Taking off with and destroying objects. My poor little guy is losing parts to his toys because if ANYTHING out of the ordinary happens (person stops by, doorbell, let her in after being out for awhile, etc.), she picks up anything on the floor, runs away with it and starts chewing it up. Some toys have been rendered useless because she eats small but vital parts, so we have to throw them out. Annoying.

    This dog has ruined any feelings I had for her. It’s supposed to be rewarding and relaxing having a dog (which, with my chocolate lab, that is usually the case), not a continuous pain in the ass. I can’t walk her, I don’t want to take her anywhere because she acts socially inept (even though she has had SO much socialization in her lifetime!), can’t get close to her because she eats poop and that is just disgusting. I just can’t. But getting rid of her isn’t an option. My husband had her before he had me, and she is his “baby”, although I do think he’s getting sick of hearing me bitch about her, and the shit-eating really grosses him out too. What is the lifespan for labs? 🙂 Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. Oh. My. God. You are hilarious. I wish you well with the stupid dog. I’d hate that dog if it were mine, too. My dog, thank God, doesn’t eat his poop (I think that’s a girl-dog thing) but he does equally annoying stuff, including following me around incessantly. Waits outside the door when I go to the bathroom. The kids think it’s hilarious. “Mom, he’s waiting for you. Hurry up!” But yeah, obnoxious. Whiney, barky, stupid dog. I laughed out loud reading your post. Thanks for making me laugh as I listen to that idiot bark his ridiculous head off.

  33. Im just happy im not the only one feeling crappy because my dog drives me crazy. Im seven months pregnant, have two dogs, my oldest being an 8 yr old female white boxer I rescued 5 yrs ago, and a 4 months old beautiful male doberman. Since DH and I brought our doberman home, My boxer is been out of control, like if she was 8 months herself. The puppy has some anxiety issues he’s kind of growing them out, but the boxer seems to be growing into them. She teared up the kennel, ALL OF MY PLANTS IN POTS ARE DEATH, she ravages the garbage like twice a week and leaves everything lying over my once beautiful lawn…. Even before having the doberman, she had a lot of medical issues, like going into pseudopregnancy twice a year even if she was neutered, so she always got territorial in front of people and really agressive with other dogs, she sheds A LOT for a shorthair breed, and like her hair is so white and tiny and hard, vaccuum cleaners or car detailing WONT DO. I cant get her to the park because she just wont stop pulling the leash, not even with choke collars and TONS and TONS of patience and training. Dont get me wrong, she is a beautiful, sweet dog but it seems that i need to be with her every second of my day or she will get mad at me and decide to destroy something. I know she is not the worst of dogs, but Im starting to ask myself if im capable of handling her, paying all of her medical bills (we have to pay an hormone treatment so she wont start milking like a cow, shes got to go under surgery to get rid of some benign tumors she grows every now and then, she had once chimio to treat cancer). It seems that we need to pay someone to re-train her at the same time we train our dobby so he wont get the same annoying habits… I’m just venting all this up, because it makes me feel sooooo crapy and irresponsible to have this thoughts…. I guess I’ll keep her, but she is starting to become annoying… maybe the pg hormones…

  34. I hate dogs and I wish they were all dead. They serve absolutely no purpose to intelligent, self-actualized people. People who love dogs need constant, orgasmic affirmation.

    They’re filthy, and even the smart ones still get into the garbage, barf on stuff, break up marriages and smell like shit.

    All the do is make your life more difficult by providing more work.

  35. I love how everyone says, “don’t get me wrong, my dog is sweet” like they’re afraid of being accused of hating Jews or black people.

    Some dogs have it together. Props to Michael though…some dogs are just fucking assholes, automatons gone rogue, Skynet on the loose. Back to the pound they go, I don’t give a shit if the spouse doesn’t like it, I don’t give a shit if we’re on day two.

  36. I’m really happy to see I’m not alone. I grew up with German Shepherds and LOVED them. They were so loyal and loving, I always thought I could handle another dog.

    Then we got Jaya. The biggest bitch in the world. A boxer with far too much energy. She ruined everything, pissed EVERYWHERE. Couldn’t be in public because she jumped on everyone. Chased the neighborhood kids around and cost a lot more than she was worth. She destroyed over $500 worth of MY CDS in 5 minutes, always ate MY shoes, MY everything. She never touched my husband’s stuff and he loved her. He never got her in trouble and she was just the most misbehaved little bitch in the world. She got hit by a car and I am not going to lie I wasn’t anything but relieved.

    After 1 year, my husband started pushing me to get another dog. He wouldn’t budge on his choice. HAD to be a stupid boxer….nothing else. She wasn’t the same, but she broke her leg at 8 weeks old. Then the vet messed it up. She has cost me over 4000 in her 5 months of life. Now we have to get her leg amputated. She is used to being waited on hand and foot. She was potty trained, but now she could give a rats ass. If she is ever kenneled, she will poop IMMEDIATELY. She whines all of the time – if she wants attention. She refuses to come when she’s called. She eats everything. This one took my IPOD and all fo the connections to my Macbook, and two of my expensive nursing textbooks just this week! We can’t do anything with her. She isn’t allowed to go for walks. She is full of pent up energy and I don’t have the ability to take care of her like I should. I can’t drop her off at the humane society because they will probably have to put her down, I’m told. Now I have to pay to amputate her stupid leg. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the ability to take care of a 6 month old puppy who is as destructive as this. She is, again, ruining my life. My husband even hates this one! So we are both miserable, taking care of this moneysucking monster that we despise.

    Screw dogs.

  37. This site is awesome…and to think i felt like i was alone in hating my little chihuahua! He really isnt a bad dog actually, he is very well mannered, doesnt bite or bark at people. The one thing i cannot get over is his incessant need to follow me EVERYWHERE!! He is a fu*king nervous wreck anytime he isnt around myself or my wife. Maybe im just a horrible person but i really resent his whiny bitch behavior, makes me want to punt him across the room. Biggest waste of 500 dollars ever, having him has made me reconsider even having kids one day, as i dont want to resent them for taking away my freedom like i resent my dog.

  38. I really like the following site 🙂
    Dog expert tells you how to deal with dog barking in the neighbourhood. Among the tips, .. buy a $50 dog silencer (to silence your neighbour’s dog!), buy a pair of ear plugs (that won’t work as we all know), or – this one is the best – move the house (but remember, you have to inform the buyer about the dog barking 🙂 ). … Isn’t it lovely? Thanks for the advice!!!

    1. yeah vocal chord surgery is the only solution. Of course, dog lovers refuse to consider this for their little monsters, as humane as it might be. Which goes to show that most owners’ obliviousness to the lives of those around them is occasionally matched by other owners’ passive aggressive and willful anti-social behavior.

      My advice? try a white noise machine near your bed.

    2. There is something called a bark control collar. A vet can also surgically remove the dogs vocal cords. Apparently dogs are too stupid to notice a difference; they continue barking just at 10 decibels instead of 100.

  39. The real reason your dog is acting this way is because of YOU. YOU dont brush him enough or at all and thats why the hairs are everywhere, YOU dont give him the attention he needs so he does things that YOU should be teaching him not to. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT and if he is nervous its because of YOU.


    1. I hate my husbands dog. He is 14 years old and we have had him for 3 years after his sister couldn’t take care of him anymore. When he moved in we had a brand new house and he has ruined an entire floor that we now have to spend thousands of dollars to renovate, in a brand new house. He costs hundreds of dollars to keep up with every month which of course his sister doesn’t help with. Now we are having a new baby and I don’t want this special time in my life to be shared with this dog I hate.

  40. We have 2 labs. One is three and other is almost a year.

    The oldest was the WORST puppy in the whole world. We wanted to get rid of him but we toughed it out because it was the right thing to do and because we knew that it would pass. It took 2.5 years but it passed and now he’s the best dog for the most part… Still has some crazy lab in him and has aggravating dogs habits like crotch sniffing and constantly smearing his wet nose on our legs and clothes but for most part he’s a totally different dog.

    So we decided to get another one- mostly for the older one because we are gone all the time and I feel like it was a mistake.

    He’s great when he’s alone but he’s awful when he’s around the older lab which is most of the time. The younger one is ALWAYS trying to bite and attack him. He charges and attacks the older one when they are in the yard supposed to be playing. The younger one goes ape*@$& when he’s sees me touch the older one or when I take the older one outside to use the bathroom.

    And now it seems that the younger one’s behavior is making the older one act more like he acted as a puppy. Like he’s reverting and all of his manners are going out the window.

    Actually, the younger one is a mess around most dogs. Trying to bite them or barking at them… He doesn’t come from a bad home. We got him as a puppy and have been nothing but nice to him.

    I can’t really take them for a walk TOGETHER because the younger one is constantly trying to bite the older one.

    And I’m so pissed because when we crate the younger one while the oldest in his plain site hanging with us- he howls like he’s a damn beagle.

    I just haven’t bonded with him and just view him as a problem and a mistake. We wont give him up and will continue to care for him in the same manner we care for the oldest but right now I have no relationship with him…He’s just living in the house but I don’t really feel anything from him because my life has gotten so stressful since he came along.

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are both males but both are neutered and had the procedure done as soon as it was time.

    I’m just tired of him and to be honest if I could find a GREAT home for him, I’d let him go in a heartbeat. But my husband wont allow it… says it will pass like it passed with the other one. But I want kids soon and dont want to be fooling with this BS while I’m pregnant and when I have an infant.

  41. There’s something bizarre, almost unintentionally cruel about most dog-owner relationships. Where these poor animals have been robbed of any purpose, dignity, identity or independence. And their existence revolves solely around being somebody’s BFF or fur-baby! While the owner’s go to work, these dogs are stuck for hours on end just sitting around the house waiting for their return – I think it is pathetically sad. I grew up on a farm with 5 dogs, they lived outside and were productive just like the rest of the family. They were intelligent, respectful, happy and loving dogs. These dogs didn’t know the meaning of separation-anxiety or neurotic behaviour because they lived their lives as dogs should and didn’t revolve their existence around ours. Sure dogs might seem so “human” to their owners but treat them as such and you deny them their needs as a dog.
    I honestly feel all of your pain! My boyfriend has an 12yr old dog that behaves far worse than any puppy. This dog suffers from so much anxiety it won’t go outside by itself, it drinks water so fast and hard that it throws up – so we even have to monitor its drinking!! I kid you not, it is the stupidest beast I have ever laid eyes upon. Here’s the kicker, it wipes its butt on the floor, leaving delightful patterns in the carpet. Every blasted morning I wake-up to its annoyingly high pitched whine at 5am and have to listen to it whenever the dog feels entitled to attention. It just sits in its $300 bed all day, passing gas likes its attempting some Guinness record, stinking out the house. It has a neurotic licking obsession and sits for hours licking its paws (that’s all it ever cleans) and all I can hear is “sluuuuurp, slurp, slurp, slurp…sluuuuurp” – it is so annoying! It obsessively licks anything, including exposed human skin (his way of bullying for attention), my boyfriend’s solution to this was “don’t wear shorts”…I don’t think so. My solution; I purchased a spray-bottle filled it with vinegar and lemon juice. Dog licked me and I sprayed it in the face…only had to do this a few times and haven’t been licked since. I tried so hard to train the dog and to keep it entertained to prevent obsessive (bored) behaviour but my boyfriend doesn’t believe a dog should be trained or disciplined. I was patient with the dog and cared for it for 4 long years, I even learnt dog-massage to help prevent arthritis. But as of this last year I refuse to have anything to do with it anymore, it is not worth the bother or strain it puts on my life. I really detest the animal and there is nothing pleasant or tolerable about it.
    I’ve come across a constant reoccurring story…where a woman starts living with a man who has a dog. Woman has to start cleaning up and looking after dog (if she doesn’t do it, most of the time it won’t get done), while having the animal under-foot all day and trying to balance everything else. She is expected to care for the dog as she would her children…ridiculous. No wonder she holds resentment towards the dog, although I think it should be aimed towards the owner. She’s not “jealous of the dog” as so many dog fanatics will insist, she’s simply fed-up. I put my foot down, if I didn’t get help with the floor or cleaning up the vomit or skid-marks…dinner simply wasn’t a priority. After it chewed a bunch of electrical cords I put up baby-gates to my office and our bedroom. If the dog can’t respect the space, than it doesn’t deserve the privilege of being there (no dog lovers…it is NOT a right).
    Owner’s treat their dogs like little furry gods…it is repulsive to see a dog lick someone’s face when just 5 minutes ago it was going to town on its nether regions….mmmm, charming! And when they make the painfully common remark of “doesn’t he (the dog) have the look of intelligence”, to which I always reply “yes, very much like his owner” and they beam with delight…

    1. great comment.
      The other thing about the pathetic “bizarre, almost unintentionally cruel …dog-owner relationships” is that many dog owners then expect us all to celebrate them for owning pets, even when their neglect really amounts to abuse, and even while they socialize all the problems and sometimes life altering nuisances to everyone around them. That’s what drives me crazy.

      People need to think more carefully about obtaining dogs when they do so just because society expects them to (e.g “the family dog”), or because they can’t make real friends. Your responsibility doesn’t end after you plop down the credit card to buy the thing.

  42. I hate only one of our dogs, we have four. They are outside dogs. The one I hate we got from the pound, she had heartworms which we treated. She had obviously been someones prize pet. She stalks me. I can’t go outside without her being right on me. She jumps on me constantly. I have kicked ,yelled, etc trying to change this behavior. She also immediately starts biting and trying to run the other dogs away from me. She gets lthem down and bites them on the head and ears. I like the other dogs, a german shepherd-lab mix and two 1 yr old german shepherd pups. This dog is so needy for attention it drives me crazy. She is a good watchdog but I think she is going lto bite someone as when people come over she goes after them when their backs are turned. I really would like to find another home for her but don’t want to dump her at the pound. She needs to be the only dog for someone and would be a good housedog if that were available. She is housebroken and and is quiet and well behaved in the house Any suggestions?

    1. Try advertising in your local newspaper and websites such as “craigslist” – include a photo if at all possible.
      “Free to Good Home”…simply state that she is not compatible with your other dogs and they have not accepted her as well as you’d hoped. You feel she would be well suited as an indoor dog and you simply don’t have the proper setup for this. She is housebroken, energetic, affectionate, loving and a wonderful companion.
      So we’ve taken needy, annoying & pain in the….and turned them into positives. Needy dog will find an even needier owner and they’ll be a match made in heaven!

    2. Have you read dogbitelaw.com? You should. The average cost of a dog bite claim is over $26,000.00. One bite can land you in dog court, civil court, and criminal court. A judge can rule the settlement in a dog bite case UNdischargable in bankruptcy-it can ruin you financially for the rest of your life. Dogs that are aggressive with other dogs are statistically much more likely to bite a person. This is not something to be taken lightly. And giving away a dog you KNOW to be aggressive to someone else leaves YOU open to a lawsuit. In two cases shelters who adopted out a dog they knew to be aggressive and went on to kill the owner-the shelter employees were convicted of HOMICIDE. If this dogs behavior cannot be turned around you should absolutely have it euthenized for the safety of yourself and others and in order to avoid liability. Keeping a dangerous dog is something a caring person would NEVER do.

  43. I have a husband and two kids, 9 and 11. I never ever wanted a dog, but we got a miniature poodle that turned out to not totally suck. My son couldn’t care less about her, but my daughter and husband love her to death. Somehow, against my better judgement and as a response to incessant begging and pleading from my family, I reluctantly agreed to get a second poodle, providing everyone did their part to care for and train her. This little puppy (now a year and a half) is the cutest and sweetest dog you will ever meet, but I soon realized that I absolutely can’t stand having two dogs!!! It’s been a year of absolute hell so far for me. She barks at everything, pees everywhere (submissive pee), jumps on and pees on everyone, bothers and angers the other dog by biting her face (the family calls this “playing”), chews everything in sight (has ruined furniture, clothing, shoes, blankets, etc., climbs on anyone sitting, can’t be around if someone is eating because she’s so relentless. My husband and daughter LOVE her. That’s the only reason she’s still here. They have tried to train her, and she really is very smart, but they are also spoiling her constantly and are not consistent. I believe she is NOT a good companion for our first dog. Every time the little one comes near the big one, the big one finds another place to sit. Seriously, I can tell the older dog does NOT care for the new one. I am really really unhappy and feel I made a mistake. My husband is an “owner for life” kind of person, and says I have no right to “discard” this dog, but that I have an obligation to keep her till she dies. I am near tears every day because of how low down having her has brought my quality of life. I also feel very disrespected and hurt that my happiness and comfort in my own home has been subjugated to the needs of this animal. I live with daily pain due to a chronic illness that makes raising kids hard enough as it is. Yes I made an error in judgement getting this dog. Yes it would break my daughter’s heart to part with her. But don’t I deserve to be happy? Aren’t I more important than this dog? Do I have to pay for this mistake I made for the next 15 to 20 years? I just want to find her a good home elsewhere. She’s a nice dog and I really do love her and want the best for her. I just know I can’t go on like this with this stress in my life.

  44. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cannot be happy with this dog in the house, and if I find her a new home my daughter will HATE and RESENT me and likely will never forgive me. I will feel soo guilty. But I will also feel soo free to be free from this dog.

    1. Your daughter is still young. It is best to get rid of the dog now versus later. She might not understand now, and you will have to deal with the resentment for now, but you deserve to be happy. She will grow up and the dog will just be a vague memory. The sooner you rehome the dog, the sooner your family can heal together.

      Good luck!

    2. Hi Marie, I’m in the same situation as you with a hubby and two girls (7 & 10) who love our Yorkie mix dog. But I HATE her and want to get rid of her so badly. What did you do? At least you still hae the one dog so if you get rid of the puppy, it’s not so bad. Just wondering if you had an update.

  45. Thank you for responding to my story, Amanda. I know it seems weird that a stranger’s words could help me feel better, but I really do feel so alone and guilty in this decision – your support is really appreciated.

  46. I hate my boyfriend’s fucking dog. I refer to it as “the fucking dog” since moving away together three months ago and we had to bring the beast with us. Initially I thought he was kind of cute, but now when I look at him all I see is a hideous, destructive, single-celled organism. I really should have known before moving in with this creature how destructive he was, considering my boyfriend’s apartment constantly had garbage ripped up on the floor, clothes in shredded pieces & several pee stains on the carpet (mostly after coming home from work). The fact that he was never properly disciplined for this behaviour and that he used to be left alone while the boyfriend was at work certainly contributed to his current disobedience and lack of respect for anything but his own shit. However, that goes to show that I didn’t believe the dog to be a hopeless case, and could likely be trained into better behaviour. I have had troublesome dogs before, had a total of four puppies growing up, any of whom I would take over the jerk-dog in an instant. Not to mention I was utterly reassured the dog would be much happier where we were moving, and that he would start to train and discipline it….B to the fucking S

    So in faith, I believed the fucking dog could be trained. I also sacrificed moving into a trendy condo or loft downtown in exchange for a house with a HUGE backyard way out of the way. This isn’t entirely selfless, as I have enjoyed the backyard, but it was a dog-motivated decision.

    1) So the dog SHEDS like fucking crazy: yes he gets brushed, yes he is outdoors enough for it to fly away and rub off etc. I have to dust/vacuum 2-3 times a week and even more frequently in the winter. The boyfriend helps, but it’s not really satisfactory help, and I feel like a nag for having to ask him to help since if it didn’t get done he would be perfectly happy living in a dump. Even though he never complains about helping, I just hate being the “nag”. Also, the dog knows he’s not supposed to be on furniture, but the second you leave the room or go to bed he is. Even with a spray bottle, or verbal expression, nothing deters him.

    The shedding, I could completely handle if it weren’t for the following:

    2) POSSESSIVE with ANY inanimate object he has had in his mouth for more than one second. He growls and makes his hair stand on end if you go near him with anything in his mouth, this includes: garbage, balls, clothing, dish rags (every time he is left alone in the house he jumps on the sink and grabs the dish rags and rips them up, FUCKING ANNYOING). You can’t even play catch with him because he wont drop whatever it is he’s returned, just growl at you and waits until you touch him, then he tries to bite you or run away. Yeah not to mention the biting, I am actually a bit scared he is going to rip my hand off one day… and sadly enough, I’m at the point where I would prefer that so we could put the fucking thing down.

    3) He DESTROYS everything. Anything in sight, reachable or not, is considered fair game. So, we compensate by never leaving ANYTHING around, but low and behold that’s never good enough. He starts to destroy things you never would have thought, high up on shelves, plants on shelves (mud everywhere that apparently tastes good), dvd cases, books, any clothing item, cat toys, garbage bags & garbage…. yadda yadda. It makes a huge mess that sucks shit to clean up when you just got home from work and are exhausted. Last week he shredded up a plant basket and 5 seedling herbs I had grown, just for FUN! Today, he hopped over the fence to my vegetable garden and destroyed a bunch of my crop, just because he could!!! what a cute puppy! –> honestly, anything that I enjoy, like sleep or personal possessions or money or my garden or my cat, he has a way of wrecking.

    4) He constantly needs ATTENTION: without attention he does number 3) even more. We actually spend entire days with him outside and he is still reckless and needy and cries for attention when we leave him alone momentarily. He even gets to spend the whole day with two other active dogs, but fuck no, not good enough for the uber amazing mans best friend dog.

    5) He constantly MOVES, he can’t stay in the house overnight because he keeps us awake. (Yes tried ear plugs, yes tried blocking him in a room but he scratches at door and cries.) He treads about the house like a fucking galloping horse with two inch heals on. He NEVER just lies down and sleeps like a normal dog. It drives me absolutely nuts.

    6) He BEGS as worse or worse than an other dog I have ever witnessed. He drools on the floor if he watches you eat, he licks up crumbs from under your feet nearly tripping you while cooking. Anything, I could feed him rotting fish and he would still want it. I can’t have him in the room with people over for dinner because it’s embarrassing, and it’s uncomfortable to have a creature in your face staring at you the whole time you eat. Also, if you go near him while he’s eating you might lose your face. Awee What a CUTIE-PIE!

    Even in lieu of all of the above, I could potentially overlook his behaviour if the fucking dog would only add some minor satisfaction to mine or my boyfriend’s life like a normal dog does; he doesn’t cuddle, doesn’t like being pet, doesn’t walk like a normal dog, just pulls, doesn’t play fetch…. Fuck I hate this creature!

    Thanks for the vent… but really, does anything about this dog sound positive?? Wouldn’t YOU leave the gate open… hmm

    1. O i feel your pain…. i tried letting my MASSIVE german shepard into the house like he wanted… BUT HES CRAZY! hes always galloping around breaking shit and drooling and shedding.. so now hes outside and shit is hitting the fan… hes ripping my doors and windows apart and has learned to open the doors by clawing them to death to then race madly into the house in an out of control blur of insanity to break more shit!

  47. I HATE my dog too!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I feel like a bad person for it. She is driving me crazy! We litterally have to keep her on a leash in the house to keep her from doing something wrong. If we are away from her for even 2 min she’ll poop and pee on the carpet, chew stuff up, go through our trash, etc. Even worse she is an escape artist, so we can’t leave her alone in the back yard for even a second, which is SUPER annoying!!! She’s an extremely smart dog, she knows what she’s doing is wrong. It’s exhausting to have to keep such a close eye on her all the time. I would give her away, but my Hubby loves her. Ugh, god give me the strength not to kill my dog.

  48. p.s. thanks Heather, your post made me laugh. Poor thing…lol, if there were a “worst dog” contest, I think your dog would definitely win.

    We moved for our dog too and I was so excited because we got a big piece of land thinking she would have lots of space and be happy. But was that good enough for her???? NO!! She spent the whole damn time outside figuring ways to escape — 10 times alone within the first week of moving!! Then on top of that she came back pregnant! (We were thinking about breeding her, so we didn’t spay her) UGH! Now we have mutts. Ah well, they are super cute. I’m so hoping they don’t Inherit her personality traits.

    1. For god’s sake; no more ‘pet’ quality animals are needed when three million are euthanized yearly. And since this dog behavior is awful I woudn’t consider it a candidate for breeding. Get your dog spayed.

  49. Linda, I still have both dogs. I called a family meeting and told my family I needed to find a new home for the 2nd dog, and that they would understand someday why. There was so much crying and carrying on that I gave the family one more chance. Because they could see that I was serious and not bluffing, since that day both kids have been walking the dogs every day, keeping the dogs out of trouble (and out of my way), and cleaning up after them. Best of all, they have succeeded in training the dogs to stop barking, stop jumping on visitors, etc., by squirting them in the face with a water spray bottle. It might sound mean, but after the first week, they only need to pick up the bottle for the dogs to get in line. The dogs are smart, and since they don’t like to get sprayed they have stopped many of their annoying behaviors. The kids have started taking responsibility for not leaving things around that the dogs can chew on and ruin. Another very big change is that the dogs are now used to being shut in the laundry room for extended periods. They have cozy beds, food and water, chew toys. They don’t seem to mind being there, and when they get too rowdy or troublesome, we send them in there to simmer down.

    All in all, life has calmed down a lot for me. I feel more respected and less abused. Having my family step up and take responsibility for THEIR pet has been the best solution I could have hoped for.

  50. I’m a total animal lover, I’m vegan for Christ’s sakes, but I hate my dog. I don’t understand it. I grew up with dogs and I have two cats I love, but I recently got my own dog and it’s been the most horrible month and a half of my life. I begged my husband for a puppy, which he was adamantly against, and I was so happy when he gave in. The dog is actually pretty good. She’s really smart and she’s great with people, dogs, and cats. She’s eager to please and is training fairly easily. The only real problem I have is potty training (she pees on the carpet, on me, in the elevator, in the hall, in the lobby) and I am so tired from having to wake up twice a night for the last 6 weeks to take her to the bathroom. I get practically no help with this dog and I’m overwhelmed by everything I have to do to take care of her. I’m a student and I work and I dread having to come home each night to take care of her. She’s ruining my senior year. And I feel so guilty, because she really is a good dog and hasn’t done anything to make me hate her, I just realized I am not ready for this responsibility and that I might not be a dog person. When I think about having her around for the next 15 years I start to panic. I really regret getting her and I want to get rid of her. I’d feel guilty but I think that would be better then how I feel now.

    1. Dont worry, puppies pee like that, and get the idea that they shouldnt pee at night untill after three months or so…. you are probably not ready to deal with the responsability so you could look for a better home for your puppy…..

      So you get an idea, having a baby its like 20 times that work…. so wait to get a lot of responsabilities until after school, when youll be ready to handle that stuff…

      Have fun!!!!! its your moment to have FUN!!!!! Dont feel guilty…. enjoy!!!!

    2. Debbie,

      Don’t worry, I know it seems like it will never happen, but puppies really do grow out of that phase. When I got my puppy in my senior year in college, I thought it was the worst mistake of my life. I loathed the dog and really wanted to get rid of her, but I stuck it out. A year later, she’s the best dog I could ever ask for. Potty training takes forever, but keep it up and she will reward you in the future!

      Talk to you husband about getting some help with the puppy. And most of all, don’t be guilty that you hate her! The guilt will just add to your stress. Take care of yourself, worry about school and work first. Get some help with your puppy!! Your world will be so much better.

      1. Thanks to both of you for the advice. The night after I posted this I had a bit of a break down and told my husband I couldn’t handle it and wanted to get rid of her, to my surprise he said that he and my roommate would start helping out more. While I’m still the main caregiver, I now get to sleep through the night and am able to go out every once and a while with my friends. The puppy is also doing better with potty training. She’s really starting to grown on me. Sometimes I still think it was a mistake to get her and I wish I would have waited until after graduation, but I don’t want to be rid of her as much anymore. And I don’t hate her. It’s amazing that I wrote that only 10 days ago…I guess lack of sleep and stress really weigh on a person mentally. I think I’m going to stick it out and hopefully I’ll end up as happy as “puppy owns my life.” But I’ll definitely be more cautious about pets (or kids) in the future.

  51. Pardon my english writing. Im from Norway and I moved to Canada two years ago to live with my husband.
    My husband lives with his mom and stepfather. We have our own appartment. downstairs. I brought my cat all the way from Norway because I promised her when she was a kitten that I never leave her. I loved her to death. My husband have a small dog and I got the dog to respect my cat and my cat to respect the dog. They liked each other after awhile. (Even when my doesn’t like any cats or dogs)! So everything was fine, we lived really good togheter. Then my mother -in law drop the bomb on me that my husband sister just finish school and needs a place to live until she finds a job. And she had to live with us in the guest room we have. That was ok because it’s just for two months. And she has a small dog too. So she arrived with the dog… And the dog looks terrible. Big knots in his hair, dirty and long nails. AND no disiplin at ALL. So I took the dog, gave him a bath and clip the all the knots out and walked him everyday with our dog. Then the problems started! He poop and pee on the deck because that he got to do before. Chase my cat into the road where she got hitten by a car. My cat died! He takes food from the table and he takes my other dog toys and chew them to pieces. Barks and whining all the time.He runs around the house and always in to trouble. My other dog had issues before, he used to bite us all the time and growl. He bitt me alot. But I am stubborn and don’t let anything stop me. So I did simple training like he can’t walk in the door first and he can’t be on the couch. When he had a toy I went over there and claim his toy. When I groom him he would bite me but I just gave him a finger bite back and made lay on back and waited to he calm down. I learn him new tricks for treats. And two years later he stoped biting. But my sister in-laws dogs drives me nuts. I hate him but I’m stubborn. I dont won’t let him win over me. This is my home and he HE is in my home. I have rules and boundries. So when he pooped on the deck I grab him gentle by his neck and I don’t used sounds and pulled him down to the gras. I did that EVERY day for a month. Thank god he got it to the end. And he has gotten better but I hate him. I feel guilty because I know it is because of my husbands sister the dog has problems. But I hate him for chasing my 4 year old cat and got it killed. And my husband sister is still going to live us for a long time and I have to deal with that dog everyday.

  52. Thank god! I hate my dog. I hate that I hate my dog. I hate that I feel guilty that I hate my dog, I hate that I cant tell anyone I hate my dog… Actually, it’s not my dog, it’s my husband – who I hate equally right now for f-ing off for 6 months and leaving me with this expensive, stupid, smelly annoying piece of crap.

    I have a Germen Shepherd whom I love. She’s clean, nice, polite, intelligent, self sufficient and in now way like this pointless piece of crap lab that my f-ing husband has lumbered me with. Firstly he STINKS… like, omg what’s that smell did you just crap, stink…so more money spent on vet bills. Secondly he’s DUMB… like, shut down, slip into a coma when asked to do something simple like sit, dumb. He is frightened of everything. I had to get him a special bowl for fast eaters and yes, he is afraid of it….. A BOWL???? He has 2 expressions fear and stupid – you can only really tell the difference by the size of his eyes. He does all the desirable things you dream of when you get dog like digs, destroys thing, walks though his own crap while still crapping, pees on his own leg, pees everywhere because a bowl scares him, pees because he’s excited… You know, all the stuff you dream of….

    And if one more person tells me ‘oh, he’s just a puppy’ I will go postal.

  53. Anybody else notice the common themes in this thread….

    Firstly it is mostly female posters…woman who are tired of having to deal with their partner’s poorly trained, spoiled, disrespectful and destructive dogs – and why shouldn’t they be. Tired of cleaning up after these damned dirty dogs – lets face it there is nothing more disgusting than a dog wiping its butt on the carpet or having it use our living quarters as a toilet! Granted most of the time it is the owners’ fault for being selfish and not giving a damn how their precious pooches behave and effect those around them. And granted sometimes regardless of training you could be that unfortunate owner that ends up with the dog from hell.

    People say dogs are very human, right? Well we sure as heck don’t love every human we come into contact with – anyone who says any different is either a bold faced liar or I really want what they’re taking….SO why do we feel obligated to adore and celebrate every bloody dog.
    Why are we guilt-tripped into feeling bad for disliking a dog!! If it were perhaps cats, birds, rodents or reptiles we wouldn’t be as severely judged. Why – because the human-norm is to turn dogs in particular into little furry-babies that can do no wrong, man’s best friend and all that crap.

    So to all you self-righteous little potatoes out there…step down from your hobby-horse. Here’s a solution for you. Most word processing programs have a fun little option called “replace”. So copy and paste the above comments…look for that option and replace the word dog with some other animal not so matching your preference, lets say mice, rats (my pet of choice), lizards….something of that nature. Or better yet, take the smelliest, furriest, most obnoxious, destructive and disrespectful person you can possibly think of and replace their name with dog!

  54. I am SO grateful I found this blog. Ever since I got pregnant I have not been able to stand my dog (my daughter is now a year old). The irritation just never goes away. I used to like her (of course she annoyed me at times but I felt I had time to work with her) and take her for long walks and *defend* her right to run off the leash in enclosed areas when my husband thought she only needed a fifteen minute walk (she has a lot of energy). I dealt with her endless hair, her chewing (my favorite shoes), her trash eating, her sneaking onto the couch, her pulling on the leash no matter what training we’ve done and what leashes we try and her clingy-ness, but now? I just can’t stand any of it anymore. And she has definitely gotten worse in some areas. I can no longer walk her because she has caused a permanent injury in my shoulder region from pulling and leaping at other dogs. I can’t take her anywhere other dogs are to run off the leash because she has become aggressive toward other dogs, especially girl dogs (she bit one and cost us $ and that was the end of off the leash). At the small dog park near our house I can let her off the leash, but if another dog comes we have to hussle out of there. I can’t let anyone in the house without her going insane. If you put her somewhere else while you are eating dinner or entertaining guests she barks endlessly or whines if we are in sight. When we are not looking she eats food off the counter and destroys anything that has food on it (ANYTHING). Plastic bags. Bibs. Cutting boards. And worse yet, I’m talking eating my daughter’s poopy diapers before we get them into the diaper pail (we use cloth diapers) smearing poop across the floor. She also eats her own poop out of the back yard and begs constantly even when we refuse to feed her human food. She will eat out of the trash if she is able to pry the lid open. On top of all of this, she is the clingy-est dog I’ve ever known. She can’t be left anywhere and she always has to be literally in the middle of everything. Sometimes I just want to be alone!!! I guess this issue has become even more pressing now that I am a full-time stay at home mom. I just can’t get anytime to take care of myself because this dog has to be monitored constantly and/or wants to be close to me all the time.

    I think the most challenging issues though are not being able to walk her myself (having to depend on my husband who is very inconsistent to walk her and get her energy out) and not being able to have friends over without her going crazy.

    Okay, enough said. Thanks for letting me join the venting session. I actually feel much more accepting of my dog now. She is a dog and this dog in particular and she is not quite as bad as some of your dogs. 🙂

    1. A dog that is aggressive toward other dog is a danger to everyone. Dogs with this kind of aggression are alot more likely to bite people; since they just redirect their aggression. One bite can land you in dog court, civil court and criminal court. The average dog bite settlement is over $26,000 and is UNdischargable in bankruptcy court, it will ruin you financially for the rest of your life. Selling or getting rid of a dog with this aggression also leaves you open to civil liabilities. In two cases shelter employees adopted out dogs they knew were aggressive and killed their owners-the employees were convicted of HOMICIDE. Please read dogbitelaw.com before you wind up in huge trouble.

  55. Oh, I laughed at this when I read it. I know the feeling, and I used to have it all the time. Truth be told, I don’t hate my dog, but she makes me royally pissed often.

    I was super pissed at my dog earlier for tripping me in the kitchen and spilling what was going to be my (expensive!) homemade dairy-free ice cream. She had it all over her, the floor, and took off and tracked it on my carpet. She is ALWAYS underfoot, and it is really annoying and not safe for her. I knocked a water pitcher on her one morning when I was in a hurry, she yelped and slip all around the kitchen trying to run away.

    She is the most hyper little damn thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve owned labs, huskies, even little herding mixes: none act like she does. She thinks that everyone in the world wants to see her, and that they like being jumped on.

    Before going further, a little history: I adopted this dog from a local shelter over the summer. She was a puppy, and I was prepared for puppy behavior. I’ve raised three, and all have turned out to be lovely animals. My puppy is a 6 month old pug. Why did I adopt a pug? I wanted a small, calm dog that was good around pets and people. I wanted a dog that would hang out with me on the sofa while I read/studied. I wanted a friendly dog, and I’ve always liked pugs (I’ve only been around adults). I live in an apartment or I would have got a bigger dog.

    I saw the pug puppies on the adoption web site (having been researching and looking at dogs for months). Pugs fit into my pet needs and what I could handle, so I made contact with the shelter.

    We spent about 150 bucks at the vet her first night home. She was sick with pure liquid diarrhea and vomiting. I thought she had parvo. Turned out it was just parasites.

    Fast-foward and she is biting, biting , biting. 4 months, 5 months, hell, she STILL nips and bites when she is really excited, like an eight week old baby dog. I’ve started spraying her tongue with my “homemade bitter apple” which is just amix of vinegar and water. Its only sort of helped.

    She is just a spaz. She loves people, but she is just too much sometimes. That, the biting, and the running under my feet have driven me insane.

    And then there’s the barking. She feels the need to announce her presence. It isn’t boredom, aggression, or fear (we go to a trainer, her words, not mine). She is merely telling the world she’s there.

    Anyway, she has a lot of bad behaviors, and I likely won’t ever get another small dog. For an apartment, I’ll just get some sort of lazy mastiff or great dane. However, I do like my dog, Love her in fact. She is just a pain in the ass sometimes. 😉

  56. To everyone who hates their dogs. Get rid of the dog immediately. A dog is just an animal , it doesn’t know any better. If he is feeling those kinds of negative emotions in what is supposed to be his home, he will never straighten out. I have 4 dogs, one is a little dachshund whom I have been trying to house break for 5 years. She is dumber than a bag a rocks. She cannot help that she is not too bright and she cannot help that I am not really a “hound” person.
    Her little butt is confined to the kitchen or outdoors. Probably will be for the rest of her life. My 12 year old Chow is blind and is getting senile. It is frustrating having to rescue her a dozen times a day when she gets lost out in the yard or in the house somewhere…especially in the middle of the night. But again, this is no fault of hers and since I brought her home I feel responsible for the rest of her life. If you truly cannot stand your dog, get rid of it now. That is no kind of life for it. It would be far better off in someone else’s home or euthanized.

  57. I have a 2(?)year old husky-german shepherd mix. I hate her. We got her from a couple who couldn’t keep her about 4 months ago. She jumps on people and goes for the face, we can’t even have our friends over because she continues to jump on them, even when they’re there for hours, so they just don’t want to deal with it. She’s been through 2 sets of dog obedience class…and failed. Due to start another set in a month. She sleeps on my brand new expensive couch. So, we put stuff over ever inch of the couch, and then she moves stuff out of the way so she can sleep there anyways. And sometimes, when we go into another room she’ll jump up. She barks at anyone and everything that goes by the yard. She digs large holes all around the fence and has escaped once. She is mean to all the dogs she meets. We have even had her at a doggie day care while we had to out of town, and she was a hassle for people who watch all sorts of dogs because she could not get along. She NEVER listens. Never comes when her name is called, and only sits or lays down on command if she knows she gets a treat. She refuses to be kennel trained. We lay down in it with her, put comfy pillows and sheets, and her toys and treats, but we’ve only gotten her to get in there once or twice. She is a horrible dog. Unfortunately I have back issues, and cannot walk/run her, plus the fact that she is a horrible walker. So we play lots of fetch with her in our large backyard. I am on my last nerves with her. She is not the loving companion I wanted when we got a dog. I am very close to offering her up for adoption, if anyone would even want such a dog. I want to rescue a more deserving dog from a shelter, but I know she would just be mean to it and fight with it. I want her gone. We might do it soon.

    1. Do it! There are alot of great dogs for adoption that won’t wreck your life and deserve a home. Since you have back problems and can’t walk the dog make sure you DON’T get another high energy breed or you’re asking for problems. Get a lower energy breed if at all possible.

  58. If you have a dog or other animal that is ruining your home or life and you’ve tried classes and training then just get rid of it; even if it means having it put down. I have a friend who has allowed three cats and two dogs to completely ruin his lovely house; it’s not pissed and crapped all over. I will never allow animals to do this to my home.

  59. Soooo glad to see that I am not alone. the guilt of hating my dog had kept me quiet, suffering in silence.
    Tonight, the 4 legged idiot got the pizza off of the counter. I lost it. Lost my mind. Lost my marbles. Lost my temper. I ended up chasing that POS all over the house, screeching `GO TO YOUR CRATE!.
    Now, who`s the bigger idiot? Me of him?

    I want him gone, but we got him for the kids (who do nothing with him but get upset when I discipline him or tell them to feed him, blah blah blah), Husband won`t let me find him a new home because he doesn`t want the kids upset.
    You know what? I think telling them that he is going to a new home would be easier than telling them that he DIED.
    Of old age, dammit.

  60. This is my third dog. There were the usual problems with the other two – house breaking,etc. – but nothing compares to this one.
    You would think he’s a professional thief. He enters a room his eyes immediately case it looking for something to destroy. Turn your back – and he destroys it. And destroy he does – four rugs, shoes, remote controls, dining room chairs (just bought!), bedroom furniture. You name it – if he can get his mouth on it, it’s his. Because we can’t have rugs, the floors have paw prints everywhere.

    And for those who say Training – well, the trainer at a highly respected (and costly) school was upset when he ate her training tools.
    He is also not motivated by food. He can take it or leave his special diet. Yet, he’ll eat acorns, twigs, as well as our personal possessions. Just ate the book the hubby gave me for Christmas.
    And for those who think the dog is ill-kept or bored, I slept on the floor (!?!) for several nights next to his crate when he was a pup, the vet staff know himm by name, take him on walks, goes to an off-leash dog park daily for an hour (it takes my hubby a half hour each way to get him there).
    And like many of these rants, my hubby wanted a dog, and I was less interested. Yet, I get up each morning to feed, take the dog out, etc.

  61. im 17 years old and ive wanted a dog FOREVER and this past summer i got one yay! (or so i thought) well i got her and she was 6 weeks old. i took care of her, let her out, cleaned up her poop, potty trained her, taught her how to sit and shake, and i let her sleep with me in the bed. i would get up multiple times a night to take her outside when she woke up from her nap until she was potty trained. my room is in the basement and i was just really tired from staying up late and geting up so early in the morning so i asked my mom if she could stay up there with her so that i might rest. well just because of that 1 or 2 nights she stayed up there he is attached to my mom and follows her everywhere, its like i never did anything for her. but thats not why i hate her. its just she is sooo annoying. she gets in the trash even after the multiple times i scold her. she is disobedient my mom and i will have to tell her multiple times to sit. she is to HYPER! its so annoying how hyper she is constantly running around acting a fool and getting into things. i walk home form school so she is in her crate all day till then, when i get home i might get a bark or two and wagging of her butt(she has a nub tail) and ill let her outside to use the bathroom. then she will come in the house and sleep the whole time until my mom gets home. when my mom gets here she is whining at the door then she will bark and jump all over my mom, not that i want that type of greeting but its like am i not good enough to have all that excitement over? she just doesnt give me the time of day for anything. ill call her and she will come if it is just me and her but if my mom is here i have to call her multiple times and if she walks by me she will maybe glance at me then continue following my mom. i know it might sound like im jealous but having her follow my mom everywhere keeps her out of my hair. but not only is she disobedient she’s a pig! we have a cat and ive had her since i was in first grade so of coarse i would like her a bit more than the dog(but in this case i love our cat waaaay more) but our cat is on the bigger side and has big bowls of food and the dog will just go and eat it and drink her water. but she only does it cuz she follows my mom everywhere and when my mom is in the basement where our cats food is she will eat her food and drink her water and that just ticks me off so much. i ask my mom when she goes back there “can you please watch her so she doesnt eat her food” ok she says but then nxt thing i know my cat is meowing and i go check and everything is empty, its like is it to hard to ask to put the food some where or keep her away. ive been thinking of a place to hide the food or put it some where only the cat can get to. i know this might not sound as bad as some other people’s post but you dont know the half of it. and having this dog has turned our neighbors into stalkers.(if anyone is curious about that whole thing i will explain it to you but it is crazy) overall this dog is just too hyper, doesnt listen, is constantly into something, and bites you for no reason even when you try and pet her. she is only 6 months old now and i complain to my mom and grandma but i always get “well shes just a puppy, she will grow out of it” but she still doesnt have to act like a brat. i hate this dog so much and i know this sounds awful but sometimes i just wish she was dead. i cant wait till i leave for college so i wont have to deal with this crazy beast.

  62. GAH!!!! i agree with you all! i love all animals but my dog is a nightmare! I usually have great dogs but this one was a rescue and hes a nutcase…. Everyone assumes that if you say you hate your dog, you abuse them… and your children.. and that you worship the devil. Im to much of a softie to put him in the pound! i seem to be stuck with this huge pansy that tries to rip my doors and windows off!

  63. I hate my dog. every morning I discover something destroyed by her. usually the kitchen. Tired to put up child gates, she knocked them down, i upgraded to gates that bolt into the wall, chewed a large hole in the wall, and then ripped the bolts out. She wont stop jumping on me and trying to bite my face/hair/clothes. If I lock her out she immediatly starts this loud howling barking thing that sounds like a dying donkey and does not stop until she is let back in. As soon as she is back in the house she continuously attackes me (playfully). Also she is leaving Hair everywhere. The dog spends hours at the dog park/ dog beach running everyday. I spend time with her all day trying to train her to sit, get down, stay ..etc. which she gets but as soon as there are no treats to bribe her with she goes right back into destructive puppy mode. The dog is an asshole. I dont understand how these people who believe so strongly that dogs are like people, refuse to accept that like people, some dogs are just defective.
    I just hate her.

  64. I feel so happy now that i found other people feeling exactly like me. I totally HATE my boyfriend’s dog. He’s always whinig, sleeping on the sofa, putting his stupid big head on my legs while I’m eating, begging for food. I started hating him a few months ago…it’s strange because before I had no problems with him and i totally liked him…But now it’s different. Maybe I just realized that I could NEVER move to my BF flat because of him. I could never live with a shitty, hair-looser animal like that. I know that the real problem is my boyfriend, because he lets the dog do what he wants and he totally love him (like a person, and thats SICK). I need to get rid of him or I’m sure I will break up with my BF someday…I love him and I don’t want loose him because of this fuckin’ hairy piece of shit. Help 🙁 please.

  65. how cuold you all hate your dog there so cute and i can speak a little dog i have 3 dogs and there all cute and who ever hated dogs f off

    1. i think a dog actually wrote this post,either that or a mentally challenged human. so good work Marmaduke–keep up on the English lessons.

  66. Oh I am SO glad that there are other that share this unspeakable secret. The only person I can ever talk about this with is my son, who doesn’t like our dog either. I have had a number of dogs, most of them rescues, older dogs, dogs with special needs, for the past 20+ years, as many as 5 dogs at once, and I truly loved (or thought I did) all of them, Before my son was born I had 2 dogs, both of which I didn’t feel quite as close to as I had to my previous dogs…one of them, a chow/husky mix, was a “runner”, and his constant escape efforts wore me down, plus he was (is) incredibly stupid. The other was a very hyper Shiba Inu (are there any other kind), I only had her for 5 months before my son was born, and what with all the stress of a single mom pregnancy I probably didn’t give her a fair shake. She tried to bite my son when he was about 5 months old, so I had no problem whatsoever re-homing her within days after the incident (and since Shiba Inus are still comparatively rare, and she was young and in good health, there was no trouble re-homing her).

    The chow/husky is still with us, pooping and peeing all over the place and chewing up stuff like he’s still a puppy even though he’s 10 1/2. He doesn’t try to run away anymore, which is ironic, since now I really, really wish he would. There is no way I could re-home him because he is old and almost entirely blind now, and I know the “all dogs are wonderful” people are going “awwww, the poor dog! how could she possibly hate a BLIND dog!” – well, I hated him when he could see, too. As I said, I had a hard time warming to him from the beginning, I got him a few months after the death of a Malamute I really, really loved, and even though I didn’t expect him to take the other dog’s place, still, it was a tough comparison. Then my son was born, and all at once I knew what it was like to really, truly 100% love someone. Before I had my baby I used to get very angry at people who said pets were child substitutes, but now I say “well, duh”. Yes, my dog is getting the short end of the stick, as he gets none of the spoiling my pre-child dogs got. Too bad, though, I just can’t force myself to love him, but circumstances (his age and blindness) mean I can’t “divorce” him. I guess a life with a person who doesn’t love him is better than a quick death in the pound, but I still feel guilt every time I look at him, which in turn feeds my anger and hate.

    I do not feel like I have become a dog hater, though, I just feel like I am stuck in a bad relationship with Mr. Dog Wrong. If/when this beast ever dies, my son has been begging me for a dachsund (of all things), and since I do want my son to have the joy of growing up (although he may be 12 by the time this happens) with a dog who actually wants to play with him instead of avoiding him (the chow/husky was never at all affectionate, even in my pre-baby days when I was trying to love and spoil him), I’m sure we will try again. If we can bond with our next dog the way I did with my prior ones, does this make us horrible people? Well, I don’t care. I recently came to the realization, which I was pleased to find echoed by at least one of the posters above, that all dogs are not exactly alike, no more than all people are. No-one expects us to love every person on the planet (other than in the most abstract, religious/humanistic sense), every single one of us has a few people we just can’t stand. Having to actually live with these people, not to mention cleaning up their bodily wastes, would probably not make us any fonder of them.

    Anyway, I’m sure the haters will hate me just like they hate everyone else who’s been honest enough to admit a dysfunctional doggy relationship. I don’t care. I’ve had good doggy relationships before, I may (or may not) again, but my son and I are very happy with each other and that’s all that really counts.

    1. Chows and Akitas were bred to bond with ONLY ONE person in the household. Therefor they can be indifferent/ a danger to anyone else in the house; which explains why both are on the top five list of breeds for dog bites. (Pit bulls, rottweilers, akitas, chows, and german shephards.

  67. Thank goodness for this blog. Thank you all for expressing how you feel about your damn dogs. Thank you for allowing me to not feel alone. Except I cant help to feel that you all have worse dogs than I do, but I still hate him. It started when my boyfriend and I lived in our apartment and he wanted his dream dog, a bull dog. So being the sweet girlfriend I am, I looked all over for one. I found him on Kijjii, he was 1 when we got him. I loved him in the beginning, had no problems with him that I remember. I use to love going to the park and walks with him and my boyfriend. We moved into a condo home about a year ago, with light coloured hard wood floors. I know I sound crazy when I say all this stuff, and I hate knowing that I tell only my boyfriend about it, this dog stresses me out to the max, where im always feeling uneasy when he’s around, stressed, aggitated, I hate him. Over the last 6 months I have made myself hate him more and more, and for what, because he’s white and sheds like crazy, my boyfriend doesnt brush hima and why should I, he’s not my dream fucking dog. He sits on my rug and gets his hair all over it after I vaccumm, he shakes and his stupid hair goes everywhere, his eye sleep chunks go all over its gross. He drools and snots all over the place. He cant go near any furniture because he snots all over it and rubs against it and hair gets stuck to it. He snores soooo loud and it drives me fucking nuts when Im trying to read or watch tv. He is soooo food obsessive its not even funny, when food is involved his eyes get so big and he doesnt hear any command or anything. When we take him to the park he’s so obsessive he wont drop his ball he doesnt give it back and if you finally get it back he almost rips your hand off. When people come over he goes nuts, jumping on them, running and jumping on them while they are sitting on the couch. I swear he thinks he’s the fucking king. He makes me feel so misserable that I’ll do anything in my power to make him misserable, I kick him in his butt, torment him anything to make him know how much I hate him. My boyfriend loves him and would break his heart to get rid of him, my family loves him so much, they would think im this horrible crazy person if I got rid of him. My boyfriend and I have never fought so much as we have lately. He is tearing me apart and my relationship. He stays at my moms sometimes for a few days and they are the best days of my life, never having to worry about this stupid dog! When he comes home my stress level shoots through the roof. Hes a bull dog and thank god his life span is max 10 years, im counting down the years! I hate him so much I basically make him stay in his crate and his bed, he cant go much furthur than that. My boyfriend doesnt do jack shit with him, he doesnt walk him or take him to the park unless I go, but I refuse to go anymore. See I dont have it half as bad as the owners whos dogs are chewing and pooping and peeing all over the place, but yet I still hate everything he does. There is no help for me. Im doomed.

    1. Dear “So Done Please Help Me!”
      I feel for you…I had the same kind of relationship with my dog. I realize that it is a personality thing. Not every dog fits every human. Talk to you boyfriend, maybe he feels the same way deep down inside. Sometimes it difficult to admit that we cannot love our pets the way we want to.
      I finally re-homed my dog to a nice new owner who still sends me pictures from time to time. I am so happy for my old dog, and for me! It might only get worse if you do not re-home him, and you may be tempted to be even more angry with your dog and do something you will regret. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to give me dog up so he could be in a happier place. I realized that my dog was just as miserable with me as I was with him. I no longer hate that little mut, I am happy for him. Set yourself and your dog free…I guarantee that everything will feel better as soon as that happens. Good luck!

    2. omg I feel exactly the same, if hes in the same room as me it puts me in a bad mood, and of course its my hubbys dream dog so no way could we ever get rid of him. I hope he jumps the fence and runs away.

  68. I used to wonder how anyone could hate a dog too!! Now I know! It’s not so much my dogs fault as it is my boyfriends. He is completely clueless on how to train a dog! We got the dog from our old room mate and he was very well behaved then, He would never beg for food or get into the trash or anything! He was an angel dog!! Now I can’t stand him because my boyfriend has ruined him!! One day we were having dinner and my bf said “Aww he is such a good dog not begging while we eat. I’m gonna give him a fry.” I warned him not to do it because once you do it the first time he is gonna expect it every time! Well he didn’t listen and gave it to him and just as I expected the dog is right in your face every time you are eating now. What bugs me more is my boyfriend allows it!! I’m always the one having to tell the dog to go lay down and he listens to me!! He just looks at my boyfriend like “Yah right I don’t have to listen to you” when my bf gives him a command.
    Other things are
    * My boyfriend confuses the dog by using the same words for different commands. Example; He uses the word “move” to get the dog off the bed and he also uses that word to get the dog inside the house when it’s time to come in! The word “Come” works when I call him in the house!! But my bf will be like “come,get ,move,inside!! How confusing!
    * When we buy treats I tell my boyfriend only give them to him when he is good. That never happens! He will bribe the dog with treats to get him to come in the house. if he tells the dog to come in and the dog doesn’t listen he will say “wanna treat” just to get him in. That’s only teaching the dog that not listening is how you get treats!!! URGH!!

    * We are trying to train the dog to stay off the furniture because the previous owner allowed it and I hate him being on my bed. I tell my boyfriend before I go to work not to let the dog on the bed. Then I come home from work and find him and the dog chilling on the bed!! Really? He always says he forgot and that he didn’t know he was up there!! Yah right!
    * He pets the dog when the dog jumps on him or does things that aren’t allowed. I’m pregnant right now and I’m trying to get the dog to stop jumping on people. He doesn’t jump on me because he knows better. He always jumps on my bf and anyone else who comes over! In the future though when we walk in with a sleeping infant I don’t need the dog making so much noise and jumping up on the baby!! His nails on the tile are obnoxiously loud!

    * When he does try to discipline the dog he says “no” or whatever in a nice soft voice. He may as well be saying “good dog”. I tell him to use his big boy voice and the dog will listen to him!!

    * He let’s the dog jump and lick our guests!! I’m pretty sure when i go to someones house and their dog jumps on me or licks me they are supposed to tell the dog no. But my bf allows it and laughs about it!! Some guy my bf didn’t know stopped by when my bf was on the porch with the dog one day. He let our dog become buddy buddy with him. come to find out the guy was a rapist and had just got out of jail!! That’s just who I want my dog to be on good terms with. Nice job honey!!! (I know the dog would protect me if he thought I was in danger but still he really shouldn’t let everyone that he sees pet the dog)

    So the point is that it is my bf fault that I hate our dog!! I will never get another dog with him ever!! Right now my bf is at work and the dog is being soo good!! But as soon as my boyfriend walks in he will be jumping,whining, following us around the house, chasing the cat, and just being obnoxious in general!! I really wish my bf wasn’t so dumb when it comes dog psychology! So I want the dog gone!! I’m tired of my furniture smelling like dog!! The dog slobbers everywhere he lays!! I think if we had a house and not an apartment the dog would be more tolerable because we would be able to let him go outside and run around the yard! He can’t do that here so he is always right up our butts!!

  69. I have to concur and empathise entirely, dogs in general are absolute throwbacks… I mean what’s the point in trying to evolve at all if after hundreds of thousands of years that is the best you can do? I have a dog, I hate it! I swear I am going to kill the damn thing it drives me so mad. You can come and take my dog Mr Dog whisperer! I am done whispering. I’m at the end of the shouting phase and will soon will be moving into the physical violence arena in attempting to correct it’s stupid behaviour. I have a very intellgent looking Lab retriever, regal looking even! Surely it is the cream of the doggy crop when it comes to canine intellect! Yet WHY is this stupid, hairy peice of four legged shit imbecile incapable of learning what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour? I have a theory. It is a stupid animal. It is similar in many respects to a giant sized goldfish with legs. Whoever called a dog man’s best friend to begin with? That’s what I really want to know! My personal intuition on this matter leads me to believe that it was likely someone of incredibly low IQ, absolutely no friends in the real world at all, someone who shared certain genetic sequences with George W Bush and someone who was taking part in LSD laboratory tests in universities during the 60s.

  70. THANK GOD I found this site, finally, people being honest for once instead of all Politically correct! It’s not easy to express these feelings with internet “animal freaks” ready to call you a psychopathic beast for simply not liking a dog.

    Let’s get this straight: I am a good person, I respect all living things (except insects), and believe all animals should be treated humanely. I even enjoy living with *some* companion animals. However, I am not and have never been the type to put a companion animal ton the same level as my children and the rest of my family–including myself. When that said animal is diminishing my own quality of life to the point that the bad outweighs the good well sorry, PEOPLE come first! And there is nothing wrong or cruel about that–in fact, quite the opposite, I think its weird and unnatural to put dogs on the same level as humans.

    I have 2 dogs: A small male terrier mix & a female Mini-daschund/chihuahua mix. LOVE my weenie dog but cannot stand the terrier mix!

    He means well, but he’s an idiot. Hyper as hell, and chases anything that moves. I had to re-home my beloved all white kitty cat becuase he made her life miserable by barking and chasing her to the point that she confined herself to the dirty boiler room, where he couldn’t reach.

    He used to attack my older son (now 10) whenever he got too close to me on the couch. Bit him right over the eye once, and drew blood several times. He bit the neighbors grandson because he was running in the yard and of course–MUST CHASE!

    He lifts his leg and marks all over the freaking house. Because he’s small enough to get through the cat door and into the basement, he used to go down there every chance he had and pee and crap freely down there. He peed so much on my treadmill that I could not get the smell out and had to trash it. Everytime I used it and it heated up all I smelled was his rank piss.

    BARKING. Oh LORD. Besides having that high-pitched YIP YIP when he’s REALLY excited (which is always), this mutt has VOLUME. It literally hurts the ears to be anywhere near him when he yips because its so loud. And every single freaking day as soon as he hears that mail truck pull up its YIP YIP RAP RAP RAP YIP YIP until he leaves the neighborhood.

    He destroyed every window covering I put in the family room because he just HAS to stick his stupid face in the window to YIP YIP at every person, dog, bird, squirrel or leaf that passes by.

    He dug holes throughout my back yard so it now looks like a battle field of exploded land mines. He dug himself out of the fence so many times that we had to put cinderblocks around the fence perimiter. Pretty right!

    Don’t even get me started about things he destroyed with his chewing.

    As soon as the front door is open, any chance he gets he DARTS out and runs like a wild beast, ignoring us until he’s done with his adventure. I no longer go after him when he runs out, secretly hoping he’ll get lost. Unfortunately he always finds his way home and scratches at the front door for me to let him back in. Always has to be on HIS terms.

    I want so much to have this dog out of my life, but my husband “doesnt’ believe” in getting rid of dogs. In the mean time, Im miserable. Stupid mangy mutt.

    I do feel better for venting though. Thanks for listening!

  71. I think some (just some not all) of the issues people have here are because they treat their dogs like humans.I got a German Shepherd about 1 1/2 years ago. I hadn’t had a dog for over 20yrs but i remember some things i learned when i was a kid.
    1) Learn your dogs language and understand that your tone of voice and you body language are what the dog picks up on and reacts too.
    2)I make sure my dog knew i was the pack leader right after i got her . If your dog doesn’t understand this your screwed.
    3) Make your dog understand that she walks beside or behind and never in front.
    4) She has her bed and i have mine and never cross that line.
    5) The best punishment for a dog is to ignore them for a while. 6) There are bounderies that a dog must adhere too and there are no exceptions.
    7) No human food.
    8) No jumping on furniture or people. 4 on the floor.
    9) No barking unless it’s a stranger and is on my property.
    10) Spend time with your dog every day
    11) Play with your dog.
    12) Combine training with playing.
    13) Get your dog toys and change them every several months. Prevent holes in the yard and boredom.
    14) set a schedule for your dog and don’t deviate.
    15) Use a crate but never as punishment. The crate is your dogs den and safe place. Good for house training too.Your dog does not look at this as a jail.
    16) Feed your dog quality food. Doesn’t need to be expensive or top of the line.
    17)respect your and and their boundaries and they will respect your.

  72. Thank God for this page. I have so had ENOUGH of the dog. He is a 7 month old rotti and my god he is so irritating and stupid, I dont even know where to begin. We spent f*cking months house training him, of course I had to clean up any mess he made even tho my hubby wanted him! Finally had him sleeping in the house with no crate, then we go on holiday, left him into boarding kennels and when we come back he seems to have just ‘forgotten’ 6 months of house training, shit FOUR times in one night, how is that even possible? and my hubby kept giving him chance, stupidly thinking the dog would be grateful for this chance and not do it again. Of course he did it again, what difference does it make to him? I clean it up anyway so he isnt bothered. After a week of this he is sleeping outside.

    He digs holes EVERYWHERE in the garden. I have another dog, a puggle and she is great, no problems with her apart from her barking, but that is only because he wont leave her alone, has to bounce all over her and bite her, I dont blame her for barking! And when she bites him back it doesnt make a difference cos he cant even feel it.

    He wont leave the chickens alone, terrorises them, today he spent all morning chewing at the gate until he let one out, and chased it trying to kill it, totally ignored me shouting at him to leave it which really bugs me, I hate when a dog cant do as its told and he really cant.

    He walks all over my husband and my husband is so stupid with him, lying on the floor cuddling the stupid animal, cant see past him at all so you can imagine the arguments that have been had over him, and the dog wont leave him alone has to follow him everywhere licking your hand all the time licking your leg (after eatin all the chicken shit he can find). When hes in the house he cant sit down, walks round and round sniffing at everything trying to eat every crumb he finds no matter what it is, and the HAIRS my god the hairs, has to scratch himself stupid everytime he gets in and shake hairs everywhere.

    Another thing that infuriates me, all the clothes he pulls off the washing line, I cant even count the amount of clothes I have had to throw out cos he has ripped them to bits and now that the line is 6 ft in the air still doesnt make a difference he is still ripping clothes all around the garden.

    And dirty diapers he has to pull them out of the bin and rip them all around the garden too which is just a lovely thing to have to clean up.

    I hate him, Im not afraid to say it. He has been nothing but trouble since he arrived, we have trained him but it seems like the second we are out of sight he is a law unto himself, and he doesnt care about hbeing outside, its not like punishment to him he seems indifferent. And my hubby who cant see past him gets on my nerves aswell, so I cant vent about all this cos dare I say a bad word against the dog and its a huge argument. So gettin rid is a nono, and who’d want him anyway? a destructive rottweiler, just what every home needs.

  73. Wow! Finally a page where people are honest and realistic. I am an ex-dog owner, and after the initial tears of giving up our dog, I could not be happier. Giving her up was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. People take things way too seriously. How can a human being put a dog over a person? People who think dogs are on the same level as a human child or spouse are nuts. It may work for you to treat your pet like royalty, but in the end, a dog is just a DOG; don’t expect people to feel the same way, and stop judging those who re-home/give away their pets because you believe a dog is a lifetime commitment. If we can break up with people we love , we can certainly part with a dog that is negatively affecting our overall quality of life. After all, It licks it genitals and exchanges affection for food. How could a person even compare that to the love of a husband/wife or child? A dog can “love” anyone that gives it rewards and treats. The truth of the matter is that the dog trains the human. We pick up their poop and praise them for it, we “train” them to sit, when what they really know is that they can get rewards on command.

    BTW, this is a great website! The negativity of my post is mostly regarded to the ignorant people who dote on their dogs and bash others that think differently. I hate that it is taboo to express any sort of disappointment or frustration with a dog with other people. People have the right to choose to have a dog, but if the dog isn’t compatible with your health/lifestyle, then why the hell would you keep it? So that it can continue to sense that you dislike him? So it that it can be miserable?

    If you dislike your dog and you’ve tried everything and still no progress, then part with it. No need to make yourself guilty or crazy because of it. Its really not worth it.

  74. i take it this is a place to vent not be judged. well bearing that in mind… i love my (our) dog but i really secretly wish for the day he’s gone. he is 12 years old & EVERYDAY of his life he has been angry, anxious, dominant, fearful (all at the same time!!!) it was obvious pretty early on in his ‘pup-hood’ that something is “off” w/ our dog. we’ve tried everything & well we are exhausted. the only thing that has slowed him down is arthiritis & he’s almost blind. he is a pain in our ass. wanted to kill (literally) our son when he was a baby home from the hospital. i am tired of fighting & making excuses for this bloody dog.

    having said that, i (we) would never give up on him.

    because that is the promise you make (i believe) when you bring an animal home into your life. i can certainly empathize & relate to all a lot being said here. the mixed emotions of love/hate, frustration & anguish. ONLY another person with a really difficult dog could understand. it’s sheer toture.


    thanks for the vent. GL to all those struggling.

  75. Glad I found this site. Feeling not so alone now. My husband wanted a dog for years. I didn’t want one at all. I finally agreed so long as HE would take care of it himself. That is not at all how things turned out. I’m sure my husband thought it would be fun to take care of a little companion but it’s funny how he never stopped to think that his pet would have a mind of his own (even with continual training and obedience school).

    I am sure that my husband realizes now that his idea to get a dog was not a good one, which has resulted in him becoming very defensive whenever the dog is a problem. Example: If the dog scratches or bites a child, he yells at the child. I can’t tell him about anything naughty that the dog does without him yelling, “Well, what do you want me to do about it??”

    I think we all (even our kids) wish we had never adopted him. But it’s not the dogs fault so we take care of him best we can. Poor dog. Poor us. It’s just a bad situation. Wish we had had a crystal ball before we made this committment to this creature. I just hope that this can serve as a warning to anyone out there who is on the fence about getting a dog. Maybe try to foster one first.

    1. I agree. We got two dogs: One that is out of control and one that is just the opposite. We had no idea they would be this way. We got the dogs from a pet store in one visit without even researching or taking the time to think about it. My kids fell in love because they were cute and small: One was 6 weeks and the other 4 months.

      Lesson learned: Yes, puppies are cute, but they can turn into monsters. By the same token, if you get a dog that is 4 months or older, make sure it was not living in a cage its whole life.

      That is what we got…..One dog who is way too food motivated, jumps on people and kids and knocks them over, barks at nothing all day, and will act crazy, and runs around like a lunatic when around other dogs and people. The other dog is the most terrified dog I have ever seen. He does not play at all. He will sleep all day or just lay in his bed. He hates to go outside and pees on our porch instead of going down in the grass. He is startled very easily and will pee on the carpet. If a ball bounces near him, he will have an emotional breakdown and hide under the desk for the entire day. If we take him outside, to a friends, or if he meets other dogs (our dog park), he will drool incessantly out of fear until he dies of dehydration.

      So, please do your research before you buy a dog, spend time with the dog, make sure the breed is good for you, and don’t be too hasty. The folks in the pet store will not tell you if the dog sucks.

  76. and after reading ALL the comments on this site I still want/need to stick mine in too. I HATE MY DOG! Yes I’ve always had dogs, always had rescue dogs from childhood and had one for 15 years as an adult. Then we got this new one after our 15yrs old died. Coincided with us having children…first 2 years were just OK. She is a timid, fear aggression animal (who knows why??? we got her as a 8wk old pup)but was fine with our immediate family. Terrified of men and always unpredictable with our guests even regular visitors. I was never sure if she’d nip them on the way out. Terrified of weather, was completely toilet trained , never alowed on furniture etc. but would crap on sofa in bad weather. We understood she must have been VERY scared but really… Not interested in any treats/special food for training and not able to eat any commercial foods as would get the runs… so I had to cook rice, checken etc. developed a limp and ‘bad’ shoulder, cost lots of $$ in various vet bills. We then moved back to Australia and had to bring ehr with us,again cost thousands of $$$ now back in australia for the past 2 years in big house with very large yard has dug wholes all over shrub area mainly to hide in. Prefers this to dog house. Sleeps inside at night and hates being outside alone in the day. Needs big run on beach everyday just to keep somewhat sane. Regularly has nervous fits where she rips up seemingly unbreakable heavy duty outdoor matts. Drops long black hair ALL over house all the time. So I bought a furminator spend HOurs deshedding her, cooking for her etc..then recently my husband had to take work away from home and we are non longer able to take her for a run ion the early morning. We used to take turns at 6am as she need it to keep her sane and not completely nuts. for the last 3 months she has only been able to be taken on a 30m minute walk on the lead with me and the children. One of my children still in a pram so it is a slow walk. I know this is not enough for her but she has now completely flipped. Yesterday she crapped while on the lead and before I could pick it up with my f’cking plastic bag (Oh yeah I pick up dog sht while pushing a pram and holding another childs hand (the oldest is on 4) she pulled on the lead and I pushed the pram into the crap. SOOOOO when we got home I left the pram under the BBQ shelter in the yard so I could clean in the morning (it was evening). The dog slept inside and the next morning I had to do the shopping with the kids. I put the dog in the yard for 1.5hrs. When we got home she had shredded the stroller. The VERY expensive douple stroller that I NEVER leave outside but had to as she pulled it into her crap the night before. I HATE HER. I HATE I HATE HER. My husband gets angry when I tell him I am angry with her. I cannot get rid of her as I know she needs more exercise and right now we can’t give it to her so she is behaving worse than ever. It’s our fault b ut I need to vent! We are living in a new town, my family are not here, I don’t have any friends I know well enough to either mind my children while I walk the dog or visa versa.
    Phewwww, I feel better now!

  77. Mine is a happy ending for me, as the dog left a year ago… but I am still torn with feelings over the experience, which is why I came here. I’ve never hated an animal before in my entire life, of any type. I hated my dog.

    We always had lots of animals growing up, cats and dogs both, so I’d never been a dog/cat person to the exclusion of the other. I wanted my own dog eventually, and I waited until I was in a good place for it, out of grad school, stable in my job for a slew of years already, and bought my dream house in the country (rural with acreage)… perfect dream dog home. The dog was very much wanted and waited for. I did my research, and eventually adopted a rescue animal.

    I brought home a three year old nightmare.

    I have to admit, he had his sweet moments. But in between, he was a severely neurotic, anxious and destructive animal who could not be housebroken no matter what I did. Not just not housebroken… I spent every day for nearly a year scrubbing feces out the crate and off the dog (I tried crate training). My hard wood floors have sustained thousands of dollars in damage from the constant inability of this dog to do his business anywhere but in the house. This dog was fed the best food, taken for 3-5 mile jogs daily, and walked in the woods frequently. I took him out to do his business frequently… he’d wait until he was back in the house/crate and smear it everywhere. Stepping out of his sight for one second elicited non-stop screaming and barking. When his anxiety problems became apparent, I worked with the vet on trying out prescriptions. Nothing worked. I spent hundreds of dollars on professional training. We got kicked out of a group class. The moron whenever he saw another dog would go aggressive and bark his head off. So we worked months on a one-on-one basis with the trainer. This was a top notch trainer, and we made minimal progress, if any. The trainer eventually admitted that he was not the brightest bulb, and that he was one of the most neurotic cases he’d ever encountered. So we were starting down the road of getting in with a specialist behaviouralist/veterinarian to figure out if the problems were organic in nature (brain tumour, chemical imbalance?).

    I wanted to succeed with this dog… I had wanted one so badly, and felt so ready. And so betrayed. I found out a few months down the road that he had been returned several times… big surprise. But being the animal-loving never-say-die kind of person I am, I couldn’t give up. Even though the resentment began to build. Even though every single day I felt stressed and held hostage by a psychotic four-legged terrorist. I dreaded coming home every day. He’d try to eat everything, and although I tried my hardest to secure everything, I couldn’t nail down everything. Plus I could be guaranteed that I’d have to scrub up dog shit. I was miserable.

    One day I took him out to “do his business” (who am I kidding… he’d already shitted up the crate)… there was a coyote in the yard, and he flipped out. Took off after him, dragging me for a few feet before I let go of the leash. I figured he’d be back, had done this one before. He didn’t come back that night, nor the next day. Even though his info was on his collar, no one ever called. He must have lost his collar, because I’m sure someone would have called me to tell me to pick up my psychotic nutball. My life improved markedly after that day. I could breath again. The stress was gone. The reign of terror had ended. A year later, I don’t even miss him.

    Sometimes I think about getting another dog, thinking that if I started off right with a puppy from a good breeder, maybe it would be different. I’m too terrified to ever try again, I doubt I’ll ever have another dog. I tried my hardest, so anyone who doesn’t understand can just fuck off. I did everything imaginable. People who think there is no such thing as a bad dog and that they all can be trained can go fuck themselves… there are bad dogs, and they can’t all be trained. There are a wide range of individual personalities and attributes, just like with people. My heart goes out to all the others who ended up with the shit end of the stick.

    1. I had an experience like yours with an adopted boxer, but afterwards I got a puppy from a great doberman breeder, and its soooooooooo wonderful, probaby the best dog I’d ever had in my life. Sweet with my babies, great walker, took me two months to train and just a lovable personality. There are shitty dogs ( i know abt that!) but there are a whole lotta good dogs waiting for someone like you….. dont loose hope 🙂

    2. ooooh!!! hey where i live there are coyotees too!! maybe when i hear them howl i should unchain her, then she can go run off with them and be wild or die!!! (read my story below)

  78. Belissa, yours made me laugh! Yep some of them are just born damaged. Like mine. All your poo stories reminded my of something I left out. I was recently pretty sick and looking after 2 sick toddlers and wasn’t able to take my dog for a walk for 3 days(husband was workign away and couldnt’ drag sick children out to walk the dog). Our dog noramlly sleeps inside so I left her outside for the 3 nights (she has a dog house and large garden with lawn) as I didn’t want to run the risk of her pooing in the house. In any case after these 3 days I let her in the house for an hour as it had started to rain really hard and I took pity. She preceeded to crap in 3 diffirent spots in the house while I was upstairs. When I checked outside there were no poos in the yard. Yes, she has waited all this time until she could do it in the comfort of our home….

  79. I hate my dog. I live with my fiance, who only sees me as a problem and not the DOG! And we are on the verge of a major fallout. First of all, the dog is a 2 year old neutered male mastiff and he is scared when me or my fiance call him to come to us, to actually give him love, or a treat, and he pees all over my freshly cleaned floor, which i was down on my hands and knees scrubbing earlier today…from the PRIOR pee accidents amounting to since we got him at 12 weeks. That doesn’t even include the shitting accidents. This fucking dog, used to SHIT 3x in his crate and then LAY IN IT!!!! So everyday after a grueling day of work, not only did I have to clean the crate but also the dog at 12am. He also has wheat allergies, which is no big deal, but it causes him to have terrible diarrhea. Second, my dog attacks other dogs, male ones mostly on or off leash, and I can’t bring him to the park anymore, because he is becoming a liability. He also pees on other dogs, and has peed on people’s legs,and terrorizes elderly, puppy and female adult dogs because he NEEDS to be the dominant one! Third, sometimes he chooses to shrug off commands, turn around and do his own thing he’s decided on. Like, fuck that I’m not doing what you tell me. I usually slam him to the floor if I catch him in the act, and then he listens. Fourth, he has separation anxiety, and if we leave the house when he’s in his crate (because he will destroy the house because he misses us) he will shove it across the room about 3 feet so it is blocking the bedroom doorway. Lastly, I can’t put him outside, because he digs terrible holes everywhere. He ruins all toys he is given, and he goes on 1.5-2 hours of walks, WITH basic obedience, every day. I have owned 6 dogs my whole life, never have I dealt with such a stupid beast I loath to call my friend. I want to watch him walk into traffic and die.

    1. lol at your last sentence… i never thought i would understand that, but now i have my own nightmare dog i sure do!!! i hope she gets bitten by a snake… but not really because i dont want her to suffer either…

  80. I agree, dogs are awful pets. No other animal comes with the plethora of behavioral problems dogs do. You never hear anyone say ‘there are no bad cats/hamsters/rabbits, just bad owners’, only dogs. Dogs are unpredictable, aggressive, ugly, noisy, filthy. My partner had a dog and a cat when we met. Cat: no problem. Make sure the fountain has water, food in the bowl, good to go. The dog begs or trolls the house for food constantly, must wake up early, even on weekends and vacation to feed it, walk it daily (no matter what the weather is or if you’re sick), can’t go anywhere without dealing with the dog (take it with us, board it, hire someone to come over), it wants attention constantly, wakes me up at night clawing the carpeting or pulling the blanket off the bed, sheds horridly, needs its nails trimmed and files, constant brushing, stinks, eats catshit every chance it gets and then has horrible gas, shits like a horse, costs us $100 just for food. It’s just a constant chore having a dog. Then there’s always the neighbors dogs who try and attack this dog or just bark ALL night long. Dogs ruin everything.

  81. When you make a mistake in life, the best thing to do is just fix it and move on with your life. No one should keep a dog that is zero-ing the quality of their life. Or keeping the whole neighborhood up barking. If you can’t fix the dog I think it’s fail to assume it’s an inbred reject and just put it down. Learn from the experience and don’t get another useless, destructive dog.

  82. I have a friend in California whose dog age 7 died. He could never be trained and had to “wear diapers.” She recently purchased a NEW DOG — was priced at $900 and they
    sold him for $600. She is thrilled. The other “untrainable” one ruined the apartment
    floors where she lived. I am sure she had to pay a pretty penny to have them all

  83. Keep the damn thing in your backyard, not inside the house. Behind a fence it can’t climb over, or dig under. If you have a garden, or anything you don’t want pissed on,shat on, or destroyed, fence off a section of your yard(Your yard! Not his!) to keep the pest from damaging, or dirtying, stuff you(Not he!)paid for. Humans rule! Not shithounds!

  84. ha I love this site I have never been an animal person I just don’t have the patience to deal with all the annoyance, but my husband however wanted a border collie he said they are so smart best dogs ever, we started with one ended up with 3 in a matter of a few months there was one I could tolerate but she was constantly escaping and terrorizing the neighbors cats. So we found her a new home, the other female we had her for 7 months, we got her when she was six weeks old, she was just dumb so dumb she would constantly bark jumping all over the place she was scared of everything, ate everything and I mean everything from poop to paper to pots I had outside never responded to her name. The male one thats left is always barking all the time at all hours of the night I have to tie him up at nights to be able to sleep he constantly barks at the neighbors who have always lived there since we’ve had him its driving me crazy, he listens when Im outside as soon as I go back inside he becomes the same annoying little bitch again disturbing everyone and I get to deal with it not the husband who wanted the dog me. I dont like this dog I dont think I like any dog, all they do is poop, pee eat and bark at the stupiest crap. I want to scream so bad at how frustrated I am with this animal. I want to live an animal free life, but everyone around me wants animals. I rather live alone forever then to have any dog be my companion. I Hate This Dog.

  85. I also can’t stand the people who talk shit, thinking because I don’t like animals I’m some kind of asshole, hey theirs people who dont like kids, or the elderly, the difference is we were once kids and if were lucky we’ll be elderly one day, one thing my ass has never been is a stupid mindless, rocks for brains dog. I dont like dogs I think there are way too many of them and people cray because these animals go to the shelter, well stop wanting mindless things and maybe mindless people will stop bredding them.

    1. True! Why is it you can hate cats, asparagus, anything and no one says a word. Unless it’s DOGS! Pissing puking shitting shedding barking biting dogs! Then it’s like you’re Satan or something. That is moronic.

  86. I hate my husband’s dog! He is as brain-dead as he is vile (it’s really brain damaged, I’m not joking). This dog has a constant blank look on its face, just two vacant staring orbs. It has perfected the art of looking pathetic, so much so that he could invoke annoyance in the most saintly of hearts. This animal needs constant supervision, even when eating; we need to slowly pour the food into the bowl otherwise he won’t chew – now if he choked and put himself out of his miserable existence, it wouldn’t be so bad! BUT the stupid beast pukes the food up, eats it, and pukes it up again, only to…guess what? Eat it again!! It’s disgusting, and I hate watching the vulgar beast soil everything. The same applies while drinking water, he drinks so much and so fast, that he pukes it all up. He can’t even go outside by himself or it’ll eat it’s own crap, mushrooms or pine cones – which result in the dog getting the runs all over the house OR whining for hours on end because the ignoramus has given itself a stomach ache! The beast is so disgustingly needy, I wake up to his annoying whine every morning 5am, then I hear it again at 6am while his breakfast is being prepared (as if whining is going to make the food hit the bowl faster – dumbass dog).

    He has developed a neurotic licking habit, and licks everything! I’m so tired of wiping saliva off the furniture and floors and even more sick and tired of its revolting slurping sound. The dog pongs to the high heavens, with that sickly old dog smell and a breathe that smells like death itself; aka:death breath! I won’t even go into detail about the strings of drool that constantly hang (and splat) from his mouth. Hubby lets the dog hang around the table while we’re eating, and yes this has become a revolving argument. So between the visual (drool) and aromatic (gas passing) talents of this dog, some days I can’t even stomach dinner. So if anyone is looking for a sure fire way to be put off food and lose weight, let me know…I’ll send the dog right over 🙂

    Added insult to injury the dog requires a special diet and tons of medication (seizure and age related), it costs us nearly $300 month ($300 too much if you ask me). Yet my husband insists on keeping this animal alive, despite the 6 plus seizures a month…because of this we cannot plan anything, cannot go on vacation or even go out for a simple meal together as a couple. My husband has lost 5 jobs over the past few years, all for this DOG. I admire his dedication and love but come on, enough is enough. He in turn is angry at me for the fact that I want to ‘give-up’ on the dog, when he’s still eating and occasionally wags his tail…to me he is just brain-damaged and drugged out of his mind, that doesn’t justify keeping him alive.

    Of course the seizures are not the dog’s fault but I’ve been enduring all this for nearly 4 years. The dog has always been tiring and annoying, but now it is just becoming unbearable…so you can understand how my patience and sympathy have worn thin, to the point I can honestly say that I hate this dog. Obviously I would not force my husband to put his dog down (it’s his choice to make) but if things continue as they are, I’m simply out the door; no ultimatum, no second warning. I hate how this creatures violates, destroys and contaminates our house, it has put strain on our marriage and pretty much destroyed the quality of our lives.
    Though if anything I am soooo thankful that at 13 years old, the dog is nearing the end of his lifespan (or so I hope and pray) – we will then be dog FREE!!! And I will again have my home and life back!

  87. i am so relieved to read all this!!! I HATE MY NEW DOG (had her for 3 months)…

    my beloved border-collie mix got killed when she was 5… she was my everything and i never even had to train her she just “knew”… there was so much love!

    a year and a half later i finally felt like not crying anymore about her and started to look at rescue dogs, i really believe in rescuing a dog, that is how i got my previous dog as well… after visiting some centers and doubting and doubting… we picked a dog, but i feel we (husband and i) picked her out of feeling so emotional in all the rescue centers… we feel really bad knowing these dogs are put down… so we got, let’s call her, monster.

    she is a medium sized mutt and loves to cuddle an all that, she is smart but just “street smart”… escaping and stuff. now i cant keep her free around the house anymore (we love ona big farm) because she KILLS EVERYTHING chickens, iguanas, squirrels… she is obsessed with hunting and goes in trance. she also absolutely does no respond when i call her if she is on on of her “expeditions”… so she is pretty much tied up all day or in the kennel… that’s not how i wanted to have a dog… if we don’t she kills and takes our other well behaved dog with her on her trips. we have no money right now to build a giant fence around the house…

    i resent her… i miss my old dog she was so amazing… i was hoping to find a similar kind of bond again but now i just have an annoying thing to take care off… just another responsibility that i do not enjoy… i won’t give her up unless i find the perfect home (which is probably impossible) because i think it is bad to just dump her again cause i can’t handle her… oh and yes i am training her… well trying to.

    i hope she won’t get very old. fingers crossed she is already over 2 yrs (the vet thinks around 2).

    SIGH stupid dog… :/

    and ofcourse i feel guilty when she tries to cuddle up with me and acts all cute… i know she can’t really help it…

    any words of support are greatly appreciated!

  88. I have a human that I just hate! This human bought me without understanding my personality and needs. It brought me to this tiny home where there is nothing fun to do except rip through garbage and chew on furniture. The human says that I never listen, but why should I listen to someone who constantly yells at me. I think that the human is the one who is not listening or exhibiting patience and understanding of any kind. The human has these little humans that poke and prod me, and I just can not stand it! They just talk and talk and talk and when I bark to tell them to shut up for a change, I get kicked outside. I am thinking of having this human euthanized but I think that might make me feel guilty.

  89. I just stumbled through this site right after I took my two dogs out for a walk. Well, I never thought I would read posts of people hating their pets.
    I have two cats and two dogs. I used to own only one cat. My hubby had one cat and one dog. then he got another one and we got married. anyways, now we live in an apt. thats barely enough for 2 people and we got 4 pets. I’m actually very fond of pets and I love mine. but seriously, the constant shredding, barking, stalking me in the apt, puking..etc is too much. I want to have kids one day and I know I wont be able to keep the pets once I do unless we move to place with a yard and they live in the garden.
    and Im getting pretty obssessed about hair everywhere.. my clothes, the carpets, couch, kitchen..etc. We have a cleaning lady 3 times a week, plus I vacuum everyday and nothing is enough. I dont hate them but sometimes I want to pack up leave.

  90. Wow.. I don’t feel alone anymore.. I have a 1 year old yellow lab and I have never seen so much hair in ALL my life..it’s totally my fault for not googling Labs before I got one because if I would have I would not have her today!!! I have tried grain free..and every kind of dog food in the world but she only like it for 2 days then won’t eat much..annoying!!!
    I cannot give her away ..I think.. I just can’t help but be annoyed by her and don’t really feel connected to her at all , but my daughter loves her so she stays, but I sometimes wish she wasn’t around as well..

  91. Oh boy do I ever feel better about hating my dog now that I have read about all of you other poor dog owners. I have a female Beagle mix who is for the most part a great dog and I have a male Chihuahua whom I hate worse than anything I have ever hated in my entire life!!
    Both dogs are rescues and were adults when we adopted them. The Beagle we adopted in 2004 at 1.5 years old and the Chihuahua we adopted in 2007 at 1.5 years old. The Beagle had simply followed her nose and wandered off like they are prone to do and no one ever came to claim her. The Chihuahua however was dropped off at the shelter by a couple who had recently moved to our state from California and decided they “didn’t have time” for the dog anymore. They had gotten him as a puppy so he was good and ruined by the time we adopted him.
    At first he was fun and playful and kinda cute and really lovable but then he started using my house as his personal toilet and has never stopped. I have attempted to train him, I say attempted because the dog is a freaking retard!! I make sure to always let him out immediately after eating and leave him out for at least 30 minutes but I can’t be sure he goes because the little retard refuses to toilet if anyone is watching, he refuses to toilet if it’s raining and runs under a bush and sits there getting soaked until you just give up and let him back in, he refuses to go out if it’s cold and FORGET doing it on the leash! He just sits and trembles all over as though I have beaten him within an inch of his miserable existence. I have been so tempted to snatch him up by the leash and swing him around by his neck until his head pops off!!
    Talk about a Beverly Hills Chihuahua attitude this little freak has it which leads me to the next problem, eating. He refuses to eat anything I give him unless I pour water over it or it is moist dog food and only if it’s the brand he likes which naturally is the most expensive. He will sit at the bowl and guard the stupid food so none of my cats can get near it (as if they care) but he refuses to eat the food or he will leave it in the bowl and go lay in his crate and if he thinks someone is approaching the bowl he will run out of the crate to the bowl to chase off the wretched offender! I’d like to punt his sorry ass back to California.
    I hate this dog, we are constantly at battle because he does not respect my home and my authority as his owner. He seems to have forgotten or perhaps never understood the rules that I am the human he is the dog and because I am the human HE is the subordinate, this is MY home I simply allow him to live here, if I don’t feed him he starves, if I let him outside THAT is where he does his dirty business NOT in my house where I have to live and the most important thing he needs to get is that if he continues to piss and crap in my house I can kill him and replace him with an exact copy and no one will know the difference!!

  92. ALL the dog lovers CAN KISS MY ASS.
    My dog is a prick!
    He is a medium sized staffie/cross.
    My house was already a shithole and then I get this dog that I rescued – its covered in fucking hairs and smells worse by the day. No matter how much you vac, that shit wont come up./ – I expected to have him for 6 months TOPS a YEAR FUCKING LATER I still have the asshole. no one will take him.
    I cant let him off the lead, because he is a fucking prick (im talking in the middle of barren wastelands) he dives for birds – what kind of asshole dives for birds? I walk him GUESS WHAT! Every single place he remembers a cat/a dog/a strange noise he PULLS his ass off when we get close to those spots. He has puked and shit all over my house. So he got put in the kitchen. Wrecks my shit. Walked everyday – you know I HAVE A LIFE – and walking that ungrateful fuck wit isnt part of my idea for a life. I get up every day and let him out for a shit and a piss – then i think “I wanna go jogging” then i go “Oh cant dog needs walking. “I go “Oh gonna go see my mum and dad today! “Oh it will have to wait – dog needs walking” ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. To cap it all off you have DIPSHIT animal lovers OUT TO KILL YOU!!!!! All the dog cares about and this is it ALL he cares about. 1. STARING AT YOU AND MANIPULATING YOU FOR A WALK. 2. EAT FOOD. 3. Wants to bite anything smaller than him – YES INCLUDING KIDS. Asshole. Cant afford the Injection to kill him, cant give him away. Fuck. The day i come home and that dog isnt in my house which it has bit to shit, I will be happy. its that bad i turn my head and the dog is there in my MIND – I dont HATE my dog BUT it is the most ANNOYING thing in the world. I can understand everyone’s posts here. It would cost me thousands of pounds to re do the wood skirtings in my house, which i probably wont ever be able to afford. Thos stupid noises it makes “OOHhHhHhHhHh” “Whhhhhhinnee” “Grouwlllll” Hurhhmuohhp!!!!” Piss off. Never EVER EVER EVER once I get rid of this dog will I ever get another one. They are a dam legal liability, wil eat children, animal lovers have heart attacks if they see you ORDERING YOUR DOG AND BY FORCE IF I CHOOSE TO then you have assholes at your door!!! fuck you lot!! you tools!!!

  93. I hate my dog as well. We rescued her from the spca three years ago, and she is 4-5 years old. Her life expectancy is 17 yrs (god help me)! I keep her outside all the time, she only comes in to sleep and when my husband is home from work he lets the nasty dog in. She knows I hate her guts because I have nothing to do with her. I want so bad to give this dog away, someone else out there would be happy with her. I can’t give her away cuz my husband and kids are attached to her. I am 9 mos pregnant and my hatred has increased since my pregnancy. Plus its flea season, I am in a losing battle with fleas in my house, fleas on the dog, fleas in the yard and fleas on me, I have flea bites all over my legs, I want to punch that dog in the face!

    I thought I was a dog person, grew up with dogs as a child, and I had two when I was single and gave them away several years later because I did not want dogs in the house when we started our family. When this dog croaks I will never have another house dog. My husbands cat died last year and you would not believe how happy I was. That cat made me sick, he puked all the time and meowed constantly and hissed at my kids for no reason. The cat lived to be 18 years old and I thought he would never die!

    I don’t need your hate comments, who cares really, I am just venting because I see so many other postings of owners hating their pets and I know exactly how you feel!

  94. I hate my dog too. It always growls bites and bites more. my sister and mom love it but they cause the dog to act this way. It growls at my dad, It barks at my French Horn practice, it bites me for no reason it messes up the beds. Its a terrible dog

  95. I hate my dog too. I hate feeling bad about hating my dog. I hate pretending to doggy people i like my dog (and worse theirs). My life would be sooo much easier if I liked him but I can’t!

    He was supposed to be my husbands dog but due to his annoying behaviours, couldn’t go to work with him. So, I’m stuck with the dog and two toddlers! He is a good dog and I have invested a lot of time and money on him but one day he did something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Anyway,
    If dogs are so intelligent then why doesn’t mine realise that trying to lick my bum crack every time I bend down pisses me off, that constantly trying to lick inside my toddlers mouth is gross and pisses me off. Stop staring at me – you’ve been walked, fed, petted. I would pet him more but he turns into a sex crazed beast – unscrew your lipstick and stop thrusting it into my lap please! He knows exactly which dogs in the park give the best head and as far as he’s concerned the more spectators the better. I realise every animal has needs but sometimes he goes too far …. and that brings me back to that day. That summers day when my 1 year old was playing outside in just her nappy. One minute all was fine the next, the nappy had vanished and that bastard dog was at her lady bits like my husband is with my Sunday roast. Despite the fact he creeps me out no end, he gets a fantastic life. Lucky bastard!

    P.s he’s had the op!

    1. Actually I’m currently trying to re home him. But even though he is a puppy, he is ugly. Terrible to say but oh so true.
      I got him a month ago, he was still ugly then. Also he farts. A lot. I know I know…. Feed him better food. I do. The expensive good stuff. No recent change in diet. I’m not ignorant to medical problems in dogs. He just is a farty puppy. And i mean STINKERS. Also he likes to dig up the waterlines. He is costing me money. I rescued him from a girl who hated him. I see why now. Also he waits to pee till he is inside. Oh. And tonight he chewed up my bible. That was what made me hate him. That was the kicker. I turned my back for one moment and he grabbed it And ran. He is well trained, it was ALOT of work… I still dont like him. Idk now he’s sleeping and looks cute but… He is also stupid. I mean I’ve never had a dog that was so … Incapable of learning. Maybe he’s deaf. Maybe he needs a vet. Idk I posted him on Craigslist. When i got him I could afford him. Now I can’t. He’s too destructive. I’m just glad I’m not a cruel asshole cause I thought everyone loved dogs all the time and I was a spiteful freak. I’m glad I feel a bit less alone. People overestimate dogs and underestimate people sometimes. Some dogs just… Dont fit.
      Thanks for your rants and good luck to you people.

  96. I made a hugh mistake by taking shepard dog.I wanted it more for my husband , and we took it to small room(of students) , and few monthes ago it started annoying me the disgusting sonds behind the bed.I’m nervous because it , i’ve got mad , i sleep in toilet bacause i can’t hear her.I cant be around her , she’s sticky and disgusting and i need my space.There’s hair everywhere (i can’t make tea because of that) , the house became toilet , she’s jumps on me and i’m pregnant.Around the problems with her my husband wants to leave me.I just dont like this ugly and annoying thing!!!

  97. I am so glad that I am not alone. I hate my dog. I really do. I rescued him as a puppy and I am an animal lover. I have cats and have had dogs since I was little, but he is so dumb. He’s 7 mos old now and unteachable. He bits us and chases our cats and destroys everything. He eats everything too. In the backyard he eats plants, bark, pottery, he even ate a light bulb and he eats my sons toys. He doesn’t just chew them, he eats them. Plastic bags, paper towels. Then he comes inside and barfs everywhere. He’s not bored. He’ll do this after I take him to the dog park or on a 2-3 mile walk. He sheds everywhere too! It’s so bad and he stinks too. His fur stinks. I have to bathe him every week. He farts audibly and they stink and I have him on expensive food. It’s the really good stuff, $50 bucks a bag. He’s making me miserable. He just licks himself and chews his ass constantly too when he’s not farting or chasing the cats. It’s a good thing too that I don’t hit animals. I need to re-home him. He sucks. And he’s dumb and ugly looking too. Maybe I should drop him off with a bag of food down where all the homeless people hang out. They might love him. I don’t.

  98. 2. The biting thing. If your shithound bites, or, God forbid, kills someone, you might go to jail, and/or be sued into a state of pennylessness. All dogs(except for police, and trained guard dogs) should be muzzled in public. It should also be a law that all dogs(except for police, and trained guard dogs) have their front teeth removed. No animal is worth living with the fact that your mutt killed, or maimed someone. Or ending up in jail, or civil court. then loosing your house, car, everything of value.

  99. I know you all have your own opinion but If your dog is annoying or stupid it’s your own fault your the owner and the dog is your responsibility, you have to really think do I want a dog or is the breed I’m getting the right breed for me, dont just buy a dog I bet MOST of you only bought the dog because it was a cute puppy, you people don’t have the right to own a dog if your gonna let it get hurt or attack somebody and also I have loved all of my dogs one of them being not so smart but I still loved him, you most of you people are the reason why loads of dogs are euthinized each year, you people should really THINK about these things man dogs are not the stupid ones you the owners that now hate your dogs are.

    1. I’m sure you’ve often heard people say “dogs are so human”….SO unless you love EVERY human you come into contact with, you’re a hypocrite! Each dog comes with his/her own set of traits and characteristics; some dogs are just annoying, disrespectful, destructive, aggressive regardless of breed, training, socializing, upbringing etc. And don’t even try play the “get a trainer” or “call the Dog-Whisper” bullshit card because I’ve seen some dogs that were beyond training and I’ve even seen some Dog-Whisper episodes where they’ve put a few dogs down because they were too aggressive. Dogs are fueled by instinct and pack mentality which in some cases overrides endless amounts of training.
      You’re assuming you know everyone’s story here…you say people like us are the reason x amount of dogs are euthanized a year – if we had our dogs euthanized do you think any of us would be on this site! We’d be on a site called “pour me another because that awful beast which destroyed my house, invaded my space and brought down my standard of living is finally gone”! Speaking of sites why don’t you join “self righteous dog owners who think they know everything”.
      Word of advice: in case you failed to notice the title is “10 Reasons Why I Hate My Dog”, so frankly your condescending opinion is not wanted here, you’re wasting our time as well as your own.

  100. You are right I must be stupid. Getting up at the crack of dawn to walk it, spending a fortune feeding it, spending countless hours repairing the lawn, replacing damaged items, wasting my time training it … caring about it even! Feeling endless guilt about HATING it so much. Maybe if I wasn’t so stupid I’d just have it put down or give it to someone else who most probably wouldn’t give it the same quality of life I do.

  101. My dog is getting me really mad.My husband finally decided to give her away ,and there is a person that can take of her personally.I really feel bad , because he loves her and he gives her becase of me.I feel good because i don’t want to be with her, and bad because he will suffer.But anyway i feel good with that she will be ok in another family.I made a hugh mistake by taking her.I really had a good intentions to make feel good to my hustband , and this made such a disaster to both of us.Every opportunity i run away from her , she is disgusting.I cry every night.I regret from all of my soul for bringing her.
    My advice to everyone pair thatdecides to bring a dog – think very well about it , bring an appropriate dog to appropriate place(not a big dog to small place) and don’t make things to sacrifice – this sacrificion with its good intentions can be very disasterous.

  102. haaaa! thank you god! there are people out there that agree with me. dogs are useless shit eating mongrels. now, if the dog has a purpose like a hunting dog or a seeing eye dog, ill tolerate them. damn! whats got into people in the last forty years or so? i remember the day when i was growing up that dogs never came in the house. if you had dogs,they were outside. they may be in a pen or tied up or just running loose in the yard,but come in the house? why my grandmother would have had a running fit if a dog tried to get in the house. its amazing to me how most of the public are “dog crazy”. ive got news for you “DOG CRAZY” people.. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN! YOU ALL HAVE LOST YOUR DAMN MINDS!!! you people really make me ill. it is acually a sin if you believe the bible,to put an animal on a pedistal like people do with dogs. and what is really sad is the money that people throw away annualy on an animal,when there are litteraly millions of little children,..HUMANS,..around the world that will starve to death, and that would love to have even the scrap meat that it takes to make that dogfood you have bought for that no good mongrel. ill be damn!! it pisses me off!!! SHAME ON YOU STUPID DOG WORSHIPERS!!!

  103. Oh my gosh, I hate our dog so much. I am trying so hard to love him but the best I can achieve is sort of feeling tender toward him, and then he starts acting like an asshole again for an entire day. He barks at everything. He hunts down my youngest child anytime she walks through a room. He grabs onto her dresses and pulls, or he grabs her hand with his teeth, or he’ll just run at her and knock her down. He’s not a very big dog, but my daughter isn’t a very big girl.

    I took all responsibility for him the first couple months we had him, because my husband decided he didn’t want to keep him after a few weeks, and of course by that time all the kids were in love with him! So I got up every morning and walked him for 2.5-3 miles, gave him 1/4-1/3 mile walks other times during the day, scooped his poop, etc. And apparently that was way too much walking for one of my knees, because it started hurting a LOT, to where I couldn’t walk without pain. So my husband begrudgingly started walking him, but he walks him less than 2 miles and then that’s it. The kids are supposed to walk him during the day but they are young and can’t walk him far, plus we live in a region where the weather is very cold and wet for much of the year. WHYYYYY did we do this???

    He has serious separation anxiety so if we crate him he screams and barks the entire time. He’ll claw and cry to get into a room with me, then claw and cry a few minutes later to get back out. I work from home, and this is really disruptive.

    We have tried letting him sleep with us, because I feel bad for him, but he takes up too much space and of course barks anytime someone gets up to pee, so I’m waking up as much as I did when I had babies! The dog is a year old! His lifespan is 12-15 years! I want to die!

    Anyway, so when we crate him at night he barks and screams and yelps from about 5 a.m. on. Basically, this dog means we cannot have our family come to stay with us, because they will be awakened at 5 a.m. by our stupid dog screaming in his crate OR barking at us to wake up and let him out.

    He eats anything, has destroyed the kids’ toys and will eat anything else he can reach. We have two cats, and he barks incessantly at them and tries to pounce on them if they come upstairs. So now we have to keep our poor cats shut in the basement, unless we want to listen to his bitchy high-pitched yelps echoing through the house.

    And of course he eats shit. He also has actually climbed onto our dining room table before to get food! He tries to get our food all the time, and I feed him plenty, but he doesn’t want that stuff. I am so sick of food going to waste because this dog steals it from my kids’ plates. Oh, also, he’s brought a dead mole into our house! So now I have to watch him every second he’s outside, too, lest he hunt and kill something and bring it inside! What if I don’t see him with it right away and he drops it somewhere? SO GROSS.

    I hate the dog so much, and I don’t want to hate him… I want to be in love with him and think my life is so much better because we have this dog who hilariously ruins our things and leaves dead stuff in our house and causes us to be sleep deprived. But so far, no luck.

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